Friday, July 26, 2013

I mean, this is unreal. They're gonna start eating each other out there. *

Blog Bucks: Congrats to Kathryn and G-Sauce!

I love conversations with my familt.  Here are the gems from this past Sunday, warning, they will make my family seem

Olivia and I were playing with Kathryn's phone and we accidentally turned some music on.

Kathryn: What is that crap?

Me: Music from your phone.

Joanna: Don't say crap in front of my kids!

Enter Tommy (Joanna's youngest boy) he has put pieces of a toy on all ten of his fingers.

Tommy: Everyone! I'm no longer Tommy, I'm bitch fingers!

An awkward silence falls over the crowd followed by laughter.

Martha: (to Joanna) What was that you were saying about not saying "crap" in front of your kids?

For the record, Joanna tried to figure out what Tommy meant to say, we think it was pitch fingers - but she compromised with him and he is now Hulk Fingers.


I don't even remember how this conversation got started. Oh wait - there was a stuffed animal, a moose, and there was a cut down the center of his head so that you could see his little fluffy brains.

Samantha: Careful, thats the first sign of a seriel killer

Me: That's real animals, Samantha, not stuffed animals.

Kathryn: Don't get Jessica started on Sociopaths.

Samantha: What is a Sociopath?

Me: Someone who doesn't feel guilt

Mom: (the same time as me to Samantha) You and your brother.

Somehow it comes about that mom has known this for a while.

Samantha: (to mom) You've known I was one since I was little? Why didn't you do something?

Mom: Like what? Drown you in the tub?


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