Monday, December 15, 2014

Mistakes Eating and Other Adventures

Saturday morning, Chewy and I woke up at 6 am.  He’d had a pretty stressful week so while depressing, it wasn’t a surprise that we were both sound asleep around 8:30 Friday night.  As we lay in bed trying to decide whether or not to wake up or go back to sleep, we decided to go and get breakfast.  We wanted to go to Golden Corral and Chewy seems to think they are packed by 8 a.m. so we hurried to get there as quickly as possible.  We arrived 10 minutes before opening (btw we tried to look up the hours online, their website shouldn’t even bother with the ‘store locator’ option, it doesn’t work).  

We eyed all the other cars that arrived after us and for a moment I think I got a glimpse of what Black Friday shopping feels like.  Chewy had me put down the visor on my side and use the mirror to watch the front door and the old couple in the minivan nearest to us.  Ten minutes later the minivan had turned off its engine and the front doors were being unlocked.  We got out of the car, half excited to be the first and three quarters embarrassed.  We paid, found a secluded table and went up for round one.  I had thought since I was preggers that this would have been more fun, but the quality of Golden Corral food really hindered me.  I ate a bit of everything on my first plate but finished none of it.  I was less successful with the second plate.  We spent the rest of our day regretting our early hour decision.  We’re pretty sure the same thing happened last time we went but we forgot.  We’ve now recorded videos of ourselves telling our future selves NEVER to return to the G.C.
 We’ll see if it works.
As for the rest of our Saturday.  Chewy was asked to play the part of a Wiseman in the Stake Crèche activity and I was asked to be a “tour guide” .  I took groups from room to room and read from a script while the people looked at the live nativity scenes , then I dropped them off at the cultural hall where they ate, looked at little nativity and crèche scenes and listen to musical performances.  It was neat, exhausting, but a really neat experience.  AND I got to see Chewy dressed up in a costume.  

Of course, the fame has gone to his head.

From there we went to visit my sister and brother-in-law and I saw a box of Captain Crunch and suddenly wanted some.  So we went to the store and bought a box.  I got home, ate a bowl and a little while later – threw up.  Same thing happened Sunday morning.  So I’m thinking the Captain is out for a few months.  Thanks a lot fetus.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Every Couple Has Secrets

I have a confession...

I hide food from my husband.  Lemme esplain. 

I have a great love for the Little Debbie Christmas trees.

I mean, look at them.  I’m salivating at the thought.

I bought a box at the store on Monday and when I got home I hid them.  Part of it was shame, I didn’t want Chewy knowing I’d given in to my sweet tooth but I have to admit a bigger part of me worried he would eat them…

This morning he went into the cupboard where they were hidden - looking for the backup peanut butter.  I watched in horror as he bent down to look at the lower shelf where I keep the backup food.  If I had realized the other pb was low I would have picked a different shelf for my hidden treasure. 

Then he saw the box.  “What’s this!” he said as he pulled them out of the cupboard.  At this moment he realizes it’s open and most of the trees are gone. “And it’s mostly empty!”

I don’t know what I said at this point, I don’t do well when caught so I might have said, “uh, um, hmmmm.” But eventually, “I love them!” or something similar came out of my mouth.

Chewy explained how it hurts his feelings when I hide food from him (yes, this isn’t the first time; I’ve also hidden Archway Iced Oatmeal cookies from him…more than once.  I've even had to hid rice krispies from him, not the treat, just the cereal).  So I picked that moment to confess that there was a can of Pringles hidden by my side of the bed.  You may find this shocking…but he wasn’t happy about that either.

So I tried to explain myself.  I don’t know what order the excuses came out but they included:

It’s an old habit from childhood where I had to hide the good stuff or it’d be gone (there are some roommates who can attest to the fact that this is a long standing habit of mine).

I explained how I offer other things in their stead (said while picking up a container of cookies I openly shared with Chewy to prove my point).  He’ll come home from work and I’ll open the “snack” cupboard and show him all the things I bought for HIM to eat (and then I don’t mention my personal snacks hidden safely around the house).

He told me I don’t have to hide the food, he wouldn’t eat it.  That brought up the list of things that were mine that he’s eaten…and only since I got pregnant.
1) It started with the Ginger Ale.  He’s a big ginger ale fan, I personally feel sick when I drink it because my parents gave it to me AFTER I’d thrown up.  So I was fine with him drinking it.
2) Then it was the sprite he bought me as a backup for the ginger ale. Again, I wasn’t really drinking them so I didn’t care.
3) Then he dug in to my peppermint ice cream.  This I DID care about, but I also bought multiple containers when I went to the store.  So after instinctively being upset I told him I would share with him.
4) And lastly, the Gatorade.  I’d been drinking Gatorade since October 29th (yes, I remember the date) when I had to stay home from work and did nothing but throw up all. Day. Long.  I even bought him red Gatorade so he’d leave my blue stuff alone…but it didn’t stop him.

I think he got the point…but I’ll try to stop hiding my food – as soon as Christmas is over.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Be Grateful

So pregnancy hasn't been my most favorite experience thus far.  As I sat in church on Sunday I realized I have lost the gift of gratitude.  I've done nothing but gripe about how much society has kept hidden from me about pregnancy.  I'm tired of being tired, sick of being sick, and I'm getting fatter (people say it's because I'm growing a baby but all I see is fat at this point).

Thanksgiving Day, people posted pictures and status updates all over social media about what they were grateful for.  I didn't see any of it until Friday, but it didn't even occur to me to try and do something similar.  I figured since Monday would be the first of a new month, I would try harder to be grateful, because honestly, I have a lot to be grateful for.

And then I went to the dentist Monday morning because of persistent tooth pain that started about half a week ago.  He informed me I needed a root canal.  Ooookay.  Rough start to my new beginning.

But here's what I can be grateful for even with that.

  1. I called the Endodontist yesterday and they had a cancellation which opened up an appointment at 8 a.m. today.  Which was made even better by the fact that my tooth hurt worse after the dentist fiddled with it.  
  2. I had a terrible night's sleep because every time I moved I would upset my tooth and wake up.  I know I got some sleep, but not much.  BUT today I was able to lay back in the chair and close my eyes and have a nice little nap.
  3. I had the PTO to be able to take today off and come home and rest.
  4. I didn't throw up (that's a big deal since there were strange smells, things being stuck into my mouth, and strange taste from medications, etc. 
  5. My mouth hurts, but I don't feel nauseous today (which I have felt for at least two months now).

All of that just from my visit to the Endodontist.  There are so many other things to be grateful for as well.  I mean, I am pregnant, I honesty doubted at times in my life that I would have this opportunity.  I'm scared of having a baby, but I've always been scared of change and rarely has change been bad for me.  Everyone seems to think I'll be a good mom (I guess they forgot about the "trolls" I told Samantha about when she was 4, how I pick up a crying kid and say, "don't worry, it will get worse", how I can't let kids win, etc.  But maybe that's good....maybe my kids will be well-rounded? Or something like that.

Anyway - I'm going to go rest, maybe fold some laundry that's been in desperate need of it for a while (I'm not lazy, I'm pregnant...)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Smith Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday my sister asked me to take some family photos for them.  We went to Pump House Park in Richmond (creepy park - but I still love it).  Here are some of the photos.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A General Update

I’m mad at Blogger for several reasons that I will currently put on the shelf, but I decided to just start blogging here again.  I like word press, but it shows my posts to strangers, and while I crave world fame via my blog, I felt too much pressure to keep writing what people liked before (mostly I wrote about writing – so I’ll keep that up- on WordPress, but I’ll keep blogging here for my friends & family). 

On to updates so we can continue with our lives as normal:

The big one – I didn’t run the half marathon this year!  Okay, the reason is the big update, I’m pregnant.  Currently I’m 14 weeks along.  I’m starting to feel better but I’m still throwing up every so often and I still get nauseous and I’m still worthless after the sun goes down.  I think last night I fell asleep around 8-8:30 and woke up at 6:45 this morning.  Granted, I wake up several times a night – just to ensure that I don’t get too much sleep…

I’m working on developing patience because apparently when you get pregnant, people are allowed to give you unsolicited advice and ask you super personal questions that involve body parts that have always been off limits for discussion. 

Other than that – things are going well.  I’m feeling better about my calling at church (with the young women in case you forgot or I never mentioned it).  We are planning some fun activities for next year and I’m continuing to get to know the girls…and then they’ll turn 16 and I’ll barely see them anymore.

We recently had our Night of Excellence – which I had to be reminded is a night when the girls display their achievements in Personal Progress.  Or their planned achievements, works currently in progress or ones they've even just conceptualized.  We did an Instagram theme, "Focus on your Innergram".  We had a photo booth and cute refreshments.

One of the girls made a parody video for her project.  I unfortunately am not in the video since I was throwing up the day they shot it, but here it is:

NOTE ABOUT THE RICE:  Apparently this man did a study on rice.  He had three jars, they all started the same but one jar he said positive things to each day, the second he said mean things, and the third he completely ignored.  After 30 days the first jar was still white rice, the second jar was brownish, the third was moldy.  So of course our YW President tried it out, got the same results, and used it in a lesson with the girls long before I came on to the scene.  Just thought I'd explain that because I was confused about the rice when I first saw this.

Last week, my group did heart attacking.  Which was made more fun because it was freezing cold!  We shivered in the dark, taping hearts to the door of one of the other  girls who can’t make it on Wednesday nights.   It was a lot of fun.  We are going to try to focus more on service (along with EVERYTHING else we need to focus on).

Over the past few months I was signed up for a CPCU class through work.  I hated being in class and stressed about passing the exam but last Friday I took the final exam and I passed!  I was really excited about this and I feel like I have my life back now, I can start reading for pleasure again and getting back in to my writing.

Speaking of writing – I had the opportunity to go to a Writers Conference mid-October.  I was really nervous because I don’t do well in situations where I’m surrounded by strangers, but I had two people from my writing group there so that helped and I made some new “friends” (I use the term friends loosely because I have already forgotten their names and MIGHT remember them if I saw them again).  The conference was both inspiring and yet, I kept thinking how far I have to go to be a good writer.  I was able to meet with one on one with an agent for a few minutes and pick her brain.  I should have been pitching my story but when I sat down I lost my nerve (didn’t help that I am in the process of rewriting the ending of my story – can’t pitch without the conclusion can you?).   I still asked her if I could submit it to her when I was ready and she said I could.  It’s no promise, but it’s hopeful because at least I can say, “we met” and get in the door a little bit.  That is, if I get to the point of submitting within twelve months.  

Okay – I think that’s it.  I don’t even know what I said the last time I wrote so I have no idea if I’m leaving things out.  But just know that things are going well and Chewy and I are preparing for a lot of changes soon.  Hopefully I’ll keep you more in the loop now.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

MIGHT be moving

So I'm trying out WordPress...So far it seems okay, still getting used to it.  But I thought I might let you know (in case anyone still reads) that I'm considering permanently moving over there.  So if you don't see any posts here - check there.  I'll let you know if I ever actually make the commitment.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Close your little eyeballs*

January = 4

February = 1

March = 1

April = 7

May = 5

June =  5 

July = 2

Total = 25

I'm a little behind with the reading...Goodreads tells me I'm 4 books behind.  Eek.  Better get on it.  I think one problem is the starting and stopping of books.  There have been several I have started and stopped.  Some because of inappropriate material I don't feel like finishing.  Others because I could care less about the characters by page 60 and I think I should care by page 60.  Anyway - no excuses.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
At work we started a little book club (I have explained about White Oprah? If not - I'll need to get on that).  This was the first book we decided to read.  I had trouble getting in to it at first, way too many characters right off the bat.  In the end I had a list of characters, spouses and their occupations...just to try and keep them straight.  The book is about a book club (appropriate for our first book). The chapters alternate between the characters depending on if it's their month to host the book club.  I think I finally figured out that two characters are in first person, while the others are in third.  Sometimes we knew what was going on in someone else's mind but not consistently, so that drove me crazy.  One character is always writing letters to her dead mom...I could have done without those letters.  The whole book has that Forest Gump feel (cause that's a thing, The Forest Gump Feel).  It covers decades in the lives of these women and they keep the book club going the whole time (but we don't witness every single month thank goodness).  Overall I actually liked the book despite my misgivings at the beginning.  It did drive me a little crazy how we would jump years ahead of the last chapter and somehow I was expected to keep their children straight in my head and care about what happens to them when they are twenty (and their mom was just pregnant with them like five chapters ago).  But what can you do when you want to cover the 60's-90's?  It was a good read and a nice break from my end of the world YA I've been sucked into lately.

Quiet by Susan Cain
I first got interested in reading this book after seeing a Ted Talk with Susan Cain and how she talked about being an introvert in a society that promoted extroversion.  Being an introvert myself (I know - shocker) I was interested in reading more of her ideas.  There were mixed reviews about this book, some people saying she's not really an introvert and others saying she doesn't know what she is talking about.  But she provided interesting statistics and research about her topics within the book and being an introvert who is accused of being an extrovert at times - I can tell you there is a spectrum.  She states in the beginning of the book that not everything will apply to the reader.  I think it would be a good read for any introvert and for people who may be parents of an introvert.


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