Saturday, April 5, 2014

We gotta go down to the religious supply store. We gotta get a couple of gallons of holy water.*

I never posted about the bridal showers.  My work bridal shower got bumped back because of the first "snow storm" we had.  So my family one came first.

In case you see a couple that seems like maybe it doesn't belong - Chewy picked that one.

Pulling a Ben (my brother-in-law....and Chewy's brother)

There aren't many pictures from my work one because the boss forbade it.  Leigh sneaked (I know - I feel like it should be snuck - but I think it's sneaked - any English majors want to help me out?) in a few though.

Apparently wearing the ribbons is a thing - I am always happy to look the fool if it pleases the crowd.

Friday, April 4, 2014

It's like you escaped from a Hallmark card or something. *

January = 4

February = 1

March = 1

Total = 6

I am six books behind.  I know I got married and that should count as an excuse, but I'm still sitting here wondering what is wrong with me!? 

Anyway - on to the book

Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

First off - let me say that I never know how much to share because I would hate to write a spoiler and not realize I've done it. 

I'm not going to lie, I kind of love this book.  There are many books that I really enjoy, but I feel like every once in a while I just think, "I love this!" It was a little hard to get in to the book at first, but mostly that was because Wyndham gives you the history lesson that leads to the day when the Triffids can take over.  And the Triffids by the way are these fictitious plants that Wyndham made up - pictured here.

Thank you Wyndham for drawing and Wikipedia for providing the image

He describes the triffids well and what they can and will do is horrific. Basically they can grow to about 10 feet tall (typically in the cities they grow to be 7-8 feet tall).  They have a stinger (as seen whipping out at the top in the picture) that can reach about as long as their body is tall.  The sting is deadly, unless the plant is immature, in which case it will knock you out and make you sick for a bit but won't kill you, if you're lucky.  Once the triffid kills its prey it waits for the body to decompose a bit, and then uses its stinger to tear away bits of flesh for consumption (gross right?).  However, the triffids produce this incredible resource that works better than any oil currently found on earth.  So of course, some people harvest them for profit.  OH I forgot to mention the WORST part - see the legs at the bottom? The triffids can move - not gracefully, but they move.  And despite their capability to kill if they come to full maturation - people like having them in their gardens. know - that's dumb.  Then there is an event, like an asteroid shower or something - the shower goes late in to the night but our main character can't see it because he had some kind of eye surgery (after being whipped in the face by a Triffid.   When he and the rest of the world wake up the next day, any who were able to see the shower, are blind. And then the story really begins...

I found myself reading in the middle of the day, thinking of all the possibilities and getting a little scared.  I even started to look at plants with a little more suspicion.  I think Wyndham did a good job describing the world, the plants, and even dealing with moral issues that would arrive from there being so few sighted people compared to blind people. 

Anyway - I probably already said this before - but I would recommend it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

$.99 book - no time to think of a movie quote

Congratulations to G-sauce for getting the "Better get used to the bars, kid."from Back to the Future.  Also to Sarah, Ashley and Isaac for getting the Tangled quote (which I woke up that morning signing the follow your dreams song)

Just wanted to let anyone who enjoys reading teen fiction the $0.99 kindle book deal (you can download a kindle app for your phone if you don't have an actual kindle).  I haven't read it yet, but I couldn't resist such a cheap "book" since I'm trying to be better about reading this month.  The deal is only for a few days so I wanted to post quickly.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your dream stinks. I was talking to her.*

I realized earlier this year that I didn't go to the dentist in 2013.  I've gone longer without going to the dentist but that was intentional.  Now that I pay for the dental insurance I try to get my two free cleanings in - otherwise, why pay for insurance? It really doesn't cover much beyond the cleanings.

Luckily, the dentist realized this about the same time I did and the stars aligned and landed me in the dentist chair yesterday.  I realized Monday night as I lay awake in bed worrying about my visit, that the dentist is the only doctor I get anxious about going to see.  Well - given last year's eye exam, the eye doctor might go on the list.  But mostly, with other doctors I just get annoyed with the wait in the waiting room (oddly enough, there's never a wait at the dentist office). 

I always wait for the bad news, "Jessica, it looks like you have 17 cavities and will need a root canal." So we are pleasantly talking, he's been my dentist since I was 12 so he was talking to me about where my life is right now, just married, new calling at church (I'll have to write about that), new position at work, etc.  In between his scraping and my trying not to gleek (see Urban dictionary #2. gleek) we conversed (or as the teens I used to train at Ukrops said, "conversated" that's a thing), but then I would almost hold my breath each time he took a look into my mouth again.  "Everything looks good" he said, and then the assistant brought the xray they took.  I DID hold my breath then, but he never said anything about the x-ray.  I guess it's important to point out here that some people(ahem - me) are more decay prone than others.  It's probably why if I don't go to the dentist every six months I lose a tooth and Chewy can go three years and be just fine. 

Then the hygienist came in to do the cleaning.  My BIL called his old hygienist "The Flosser".  So I thought of that when she wheeled her chair up.  Then I had to stop from laughing as I thought of this:

Thank you Pinterest - if you gave me nothing else you gave me this.  The cleaning actually wasn't bad - yes, there was blood, but it was quicker than I remember.  I just spent the rest of the day worrying about dried blood in my teeth and the fact that everytime my tongue hit my teeth they felt loose.  But that's normal....right?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Better get used to the bars, kid.*

Congrats to Sarah for getting the blog points from the last post.

February's photo challenge was, "A Few of My Favorite Things"

I kind of did more than 5 - but I'm pretty sure I only put 5 on the disk for Katy...I can't remember which ones so you get to see my top 7.

And here are the ones Katy edited.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm gonna kill him! I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake! *

Being married is great. Just great. You get to spend all this time with your best friend, you wake up to them teasing you about being a blanket hog and a boa constrictor that moves in closer and closer each time they exhale (Note to self: research how boas kill their prey). The best part - Chewy has been living on a steady diet of either eating out (aka burgers) or cottage cheese and trail mix. This means that he loves almost everything I cook (excluding my BBQ - which I didn't like either, and my first try at a Jumba Juice smoothie - which...I wasn't crazy about either). But I think my favorite is that we have a Sunday evening tradition of watching an episode of Doctor Who and the fact that Chewy and I read our scriptures and have morning and night prayer together.

Married life = highly recommended.

GETTING married? I could do without. The wedding and reception went really well. I loved being sealed to Chewy for time and all eternity...and having our pictures taken for two hours wasn't so bad (p.s. Remind me to write a raving review on our photographers). But now I'm back to the real world and in the real world I have a new last name. I'm adding Chewy to my benefits and have had to change my name with work, the DMV and the Social Security Administration (I told Chewy that I think the SSA was backwards...pardon my attitude).

I got to the DMV at opening (8 in the a.m. for those of you wondering) only to be told that I needed to go to the SSA first. So I made my way down there. The SSA has incredible hours that work with any schedule (sarcasm).

Mon - 9-3
Tues - 9-3
Wed - 9-12
Thurs - 9-3
Fri - 9-3

See? Excellent hours.

They are located at the end of Carytown which, from what I can tell, is in between it's dying breath and governmental resuscitation. On the right side of the road stand apartments that look newly remodeled, on the left side dilapidated apartments with cars to match. I found a parking spot on the left side of the road. A man (or possibly a woman - kind of in an in between place there) saw my car, began to approach and then sharked my car - which, as I told Chewy this morning, is my new term for when someone kind of stalks you in a back and forth walk (with optional JAWs theme). I think the person was waiting for a ride, but didn't know what the person would be driving, that's how it felt in the end when they finally walked away.

I walked to the main door of the SSA, only to stand in line outside, in the snow (yes, it was snowing this morning).

The security guard came out and had us form the line to the left of the main door - not sure why it mattered. He got everyone organized and then I got a "Hey, how you doing?" to which I smiled because he didn't have to correct where I was standing - leftovers from public education - an abnormal desire to obey and get it perfect.

After that - it wasn't actually so bad. By the time they opened the doors at 9, there were about 10 or so people behind me. One woman said, "It's got to be 9 now" about every 60 seconds, usually followed by, "They should open the doors early cause it's snowing."

Once inside, we were separated and lined up again, but at least it was warm. I got my ticket/number and took a seat. Once I got to the window things went quickly. I went with my application already completed and my driver's license and old card out and ready. I double checked that I could go to the DMV now and he said, "too bad you weren't here yesterday, we had the DMV van in the parking lot" I had seen the poster and cursed my bad timing, then I thought, "there's a parking lot?!" I got to my car and drive to the closest DMV. Surprisingly, it didn't take long at all, unfortunately, they made me take my photo. The DMV has adopted the rules of Chinese school (you know - Chinese school has just begun, if you show your teeth or tongue you will pay the consequences). I was allowed to smile, just no teeth. I'm proud of my teeth - I like to show them off, but I complied.

After that - they charged me $20 and let me go.

Now I just need to work on changing my name with pretty much everything else.


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