Friday, February 27, 2015

What not to say...

At work there are several pregnant women.  Three of us like to email each other when something has been said to us that we want to remember never to say to pregnant women.  These things are never meant in a mean spirited way but some of them can make you feel bad.

The first was, "Oh, you've popped!" Meant in kindness and excitement over the growing baby however it doesn’t leave the woman who has ‘popped’ feeling very good about herself.

Next from a doctor, “Proteins grow the baby, carbs grow you.”  Yes, yes, it came from a medical professional to my friend, but she wasn’t happy about it.  My sweet doctor doesn’t mention my weight, it’s proof that I have a very smart doctor.

The next we got wind of was, "I see you waddling over there."  Which I told to Chewy and he likes so he repeats it to me sometimes.

A few days ago I got my first one.  I was in my workstation talking to my coworker about something and a lady from downstairs stopped by and had me turn so she could see my pregnant belly (my pride and joy *sarcasm* I do not like looking this wide).  So I swiveled around and Vanna Whited my belly for her.  She smiled and then brought her hands up to her cheeks and made a squishing motion and said, “And your face is getting juicy."


Then I said, “Ohhhh, thank you, I’ve been waiting for someone to notice.”
At least when she left my coworker and I got a good laugh out of it.  So the tears that followed the statement were brought on by laughter instead of feeling I am bloating like Violet Beauregarde.  Of course, I emailed the pregnant ladies to tell them of the newest “what not to say”. 

In other news, people at work are beginning to notice my growing belly.  This sweet older man at work came up today to congratulate me.  I gave him kind of a blank stare at first because I am still unsure of how to react to the fact that people notice.  I pointed at my belly and said, “This?”  He laughed and said, “Yes, I was worried by the look on your face that maybe I had it wrong.”  I laughed too and said, “Yeah I am.  But it would be funny if I weren’t.  Thanks for congratulating me on gaining weight, it was nothing, just ate extras at every meal.”

And as long as I only look down at my belly (and don't catch a side view) it's not too bad.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Breaking News

Thank you to all our concerned readers.  Boyfriend was found last night in a Thirty-One Bag with a note (since he lacks vocal chords).  The note reads, "Don't leave me! I Love You!"

Monday, February 23, 2015

The case of the missing boyfriend

For my coworker’s birthday, she received a “Grow a boyfriend”

Just add water.

Since my boss has a fishless fish tank in her office we decided to pull a little prank and check her observation skills.  My coworker went in early and put the ‘boyfriend’ in the tank.

When boss lady went to the restroom, coworker ran in to stand him up.  Then there came the series of meetings in the boss’ office.  Each of us had to meet with her and I went last.  While in there I would steal glances at the fish tank but it appeared that boyfriend was missing.  I figured boss lady had already found him.  So after my meeting I checked with the others in my department but they each said that nothing had been noticed during their meeting.  We slipped in when boss lady wasn’t in there and checked but sure enough, he was gone.  We checked the trashcan and my coworker even dug around in the fish tank with a letter opener.  We finally told boss lady about boyfriend and asked if she had taken him out but she hadn’t.  No one knows what happened to him and it’s killing me.  I feel like our prank got turned around on us but  no is fessing up!

Have you seen this man?

We're beginning to think maybe he dissolved in the nasty fish tank water.  What a way to go.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm the fire starter

I got my first real case of heartburn Wednesday night.  I tried drinking milk, eating ice cream, and going to bed to escape the discomfort but it followed me to sleep and woke me up throughout the night.  I felt like I was turning into a dragon and my lungs were filling with fire.  I worried I would incinerate anything I breathed on.  I narrowed it down to Papa John’s pizza since that was the only change to my diet from almost every other day. 

They must use too much sauce.  Papa John’s…..I’m coming for you.

Today I bought my first ever bottle of TUMs.  I’m not thrilled about the taste but they were fast acting so I have that to be grateful for. 

In other pregnancy news – I am constantly out of breath, which doesn’t help me feel too great about myself since I’ve also packed on some pounds in my midsection…I basically feel like Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her, every time I sit down to eat a sweet “treat”.  

But I’ve started to track what I’m eating so I’m hoping that will help me feel better, or at least stop me from eating too much junk.  I think I just am having a hard time because all of my life it's been about losing or maintaining weight and now it's like, "No matter what you do, it's guaranteed that you will gain a pound a week."  Any extra is on me though, so I need to be better.  Is it sad that I've already started to put together my post pregnancy weight loss plan?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby - it's cold outside.

On Tuesday. we had a real snow day!  I mean, my office closed and everything and Chewy's office encouraged people to work from home if they could.

I love snow, but as I've gotten older it's more in the, "stay indoors watching Netflix and eating" sort of way.  but I did open some doors and take some photos.

Diego in the snow

Our rock wall is covered

Our road compared to the main road when we ran to Target late afternoon.
Speaking of Netflix, Chewy sat down and watched about an hour and some change of North and South with me.  He was really in to it and that made my little, cold heart swell.  Unfortunately he had to actually go and work on some financial analyst stuff so he's going to finish the rest later.  I personally think he got tired of hearing me mumble, "I love you," to Mr. Thornton each time he felt rejected by Margaret.

The last time I was snowed in was on our honeymoon out in the mountains.  I put together a puzzle that day so I decided to try and do the same yesterday.
It turns out that my body really hates sitting in certain positions too long and I think maybe the little dude pushed my hips out of whack because I've been hurting quite a bit around that area.  Thanks a lot little dude.

This morning I had a two hour delay for work, which worked out well since today Chewy left for his first business trip (p.s. it's also his birthday but we'll take care of that this weekend).  Since I had the delay I was able to take him to the airport.  It wasn't too bad once we got out of our driveway.  We've been apart one other time since getting married, and that was youth conference (remind yourself how that went HERE).  I really only have tonight by myself though, because tomorrow is youth night and then I pick him up on Friday so that shouldn't be bad at all.  Others have much longer stints without their spouse around.

I left the airport and was excited at the thought of getting in to work "early" (I don't know what's wrong with me either).  To get from the airport to my office, one would take 64W to 95N to 64W...yup, just thought people not from here would appreciate how crazy that sounds/is.  Point of all of that though is that the first 64W DID NOT MOVE.  I was driving along just fine and then had to slam on the brakes.  I don't know if that's normal for that stretch at 9:40 in the morning or if there was an accident or something, 95N wasn't much better but by the second 64W it wasn't too bad.  I made it in without any injury or really losing my temper.  

Oh - and here's the baby bump photo of the 25th week.  I look fat, which serves me right because I've been eating too much pizza and cookies lately.  Annnnnnd, I'm eating a cookie while taking the picture so that's why my face looks the way it does.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Big Adventure

The other day I waddled a little.  I don't know why, I think it made my feet feel better or something but Chewy said, "Why are you walking like that?" I shrugged my shoulders and he told me I couldn't waddle until I hit 5 months.  To which I said, "I am at 5 months".  Now I can't waddle until 6 months.

Pregnancy is going well - my whole body hurts and I think I'm growing in the front AND in the back which breaks my heart but I'm told it's apparently worth it.  The little fish in my tummy drives me crazy when he decides to move around as I'm laying down for bed.  I hope he grows out of that before his birth day.  I've started nesting - the funny thing is, I think Chewy started nesting first.  We have a small house, it works for us and we love it, but it's small and we have a lot of stuff.  So Chewy kept going on about how we needed to get organized and we need to get rid of things.  This came about because I told him he had to get his stuff out of the nursery.

He had last week off as he transitioned from his old job to his new job (today was his first day with the new one).  I took Friday off and we decided that we would go to the temple (which I had avoided since October when I almost passed out/threw up in one of the rooms).  Then we decided to buy some Corelle plates because they are lighter and will take up less space and then to IKEA to get something to help us organize.  So Chewy looked online to get ideas, then he stated that he would just want to peruse the merchandise. I felt like Tina Fey in 30 Rock:

I'm happy to report that our adventurous day turned out really well.  I made it through the temple without feeling sick.  When we went to Potomac Mills to find the Corelle outlet store we decided to brave it and just park and walk into the mall and pray for the best.  We walked in and the store was RIGHT THERE.  It took us maybe 20 minutes tops to pick out some dishes and check out.  Then we went to IKEA.  We walked through and looked at two wardrobes - picked out the one we wanted and then went to look at desks.  We stopped at the cafe and Chewy got to try the meatballs he'd heard so much about and then we went to the warehouse and picked up the wardrobe (we worried the desk wouldn't fit).  All in all it went well and I didn't worry about our marriage....then it came time to load the furniture into the car.  For a moment there, I worried - it was completely my fault, I snapped at him.  I quickly apologized and resolved that we should be a team and not let IKEA get to us.  

On the drive home, Chewy kept saying what a positive experience we had.  He overall liked the shopping experience and kept talking about the well run operation...then he started to put the wardrobe together.  

The compliments went away and he started to ask if I thought the employees there were lackluster and/or weird.  He may have said ‘hate’ in reference to particle board (which he knew it was going in).  Near the end of assembly, Chewy realized that two pieces were put on incorrectly; they belonged on the opposite sides of the wardrobe.  This didn't help his once high opinion.  The Swedes need to use words, or even just letters, to help people know that two identical pieces belong on certain sides.  We made the switch, which turned out easier than he thought and then the wardrobe was done.  I’m extremely happy with it and I think Chewy is too.  It has helped us to get our room more organized and to allow for the extra stuff in the room since Chewy had to move all of his clothes and shoes into the room to make room for the little fish.

Next up - the first of probably several Goodwill runs.

Monday, January 19, 2015

1, 2, C

First off - I forgot to blog and tell you all that we are having a boy!  We kind of expected it because our doctor and the benefits lady at his office, kept saying "him".  Then there was the fact that our whole family guessed it would be a boy, and of course, we had lots of girl clothes and a girl name picked out.

Here's a video of Ava, Sadie, and Olivia's reaction when Joanna told them the news:


The ultrasound was just as fun as the first time, a little less emotional but not much.  Seeing out little baby moving around is pretty cool.  At one point he was looking right up at us (probably sensing the pressure as the tech pushed down to get a better view).

So now I pack up the girly stuff I had kept out of the attic and pull out the boy stuff.  And there's a nursery to plan, nothing too crazy, maybe just a few little Doctor Who goodies.

Now that I've seen him move it's gotten easier to recognize when I feel him move...and he's gone crazy now.  It's weird.  At church he moves the most when we are singing hymns, I don't know if that's because he likes it or if he'd like us to stop,

Speaking of obsessions - my sister, Joanna, made me a Tardis cake for my birthday.

To say I was excited/proud would be an understatement. I also got a nice little video from my sister/niece Martha/Sadie.  

And here is my 20 week belly shot (p.s. I hate doing belly shots).

That's about it on the updates.


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