Monday, August 31, 2015

Three Months

Ever since Chewy said that this was his reaction to seeing a spider I can't stop laughing.

So little man is three months old now.  We started to "teach" him how to fall asleep on his own.  The first attempt - I cried more than he did I think.  Then I did some internet research on crying it out and realized I had it all wrong.  I had been under the impression that you just leave them to cry until they pass out.  Little Man can cry it out for a long time I learned the first night.  Then I found this article where I learned that you do go in and check on him and sooth him.  I could do that.  Night two compared to Night one was incredible.  He fell asleep faster when we were able to go in and give him his pacifier and rub his sweet round head.  Nap time is already easier, he used to only sleep during the day if I was holding him.  Last night was the second time with the "new" method and he was out in twenty minutes.  He wakes up happier and is sleeping better at night.

Here are some of our three month photos

He's been figuring out his body, mostly his hands but he's noticing his feet more too.

I just thought this one was funny

He IS my son so of course he's going to love Doctor Who.  We already watch it together while I'm working out.

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Stephanie Garr Adams said...

Baby sleep is so challenging. I admit I also misunderstood so many things and it made baby's sleep so hard on everyone.
Everyone has their ways of doing things and of course their opinions on things, and you have to do what feels right for you and what works for your family.
I think I have read almost every book, website, etc out there trying to help our first baby sleep better. She really wasn't a big sleeper, ever, even from birth, a lot like me :)
But if I can offer some unsolicited resources in case you find hicups along the way, there seems to always be some, then at least maybe something will help. And if you could care less what I have to offer, that is fine too :)
Of all the books I read, I really liked "The Sleep Easy" book. It has a lot of the psychological things for you and baby and that helped us navigate the process. You guys still have time, only being at 3 months. 3-6 months is the most opportune window for helping baby learn to fall asleep on his own.
And the website, who also has a facebook group which is a great place to ask questions and get support. I think it is now called Precious Little Sleep. She is in the process of renaming the website as well.
Anyway, those are the places I've turned on numerous occasions and I must say, so far with baby #2, we are way, way, way ahead of the game already.
Good luck!


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