Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just bee yourself!*

Yesterday was an experiment on being positive. I think it was a success. I was in a good mood and isn't that what being positive is all about? Apparently not, apparently it also has to do with the things that you say as well. Who would have thought? Sadly though, my personality/sense of humor leads me to say things that are 1. dramatic 2. negative 3. sarcastic. A statement such as, "Trust me, you don't want to eat a handful of mini marshmallows before going running" can apparently be misconstrued as a negative statement, or so I have been told.

But yes, overall yesterday was a good day. Here's how it played out after work. I got home, ate a handful of mini marshmallows (and you thought that statement had no basis in real life) and ran three miles around my neighborhood, about a mile and a half in those marshmallows started to seem like a bad idea, then my ankle started to hurt, then my back joined in...cause I am an old woman and I am rapidly falling apart.

I got home, stretched a little to get rid of the aches, and then ate dinner. Then I went to Frisbee. This is where it gets fun:

  • My teammate threw it to me and I had to run, towards a fence, to get it. Out of the corner of my eye I see my friend, Jordan (enemy team) coming for it too. He always knocks it away from me, so I mustered my courage and wouldn't back down. We reached the fence at the same time, my fingers wrapped around the Frisbee right as we ran in to each other. I fell to the ground with the Frisbee still in hand (see...positive).
  • I saved a friend's catch that slipped through his fingers, only to be hit in the face with a still pretty powerful Frisbee (no bruise on the nose, just a red mark) but despite the watery eyes and feeling like my nose was broken...I still caught it (p.s. it hurts to even blow my nose today).
  • I got a charley horse in my left leg.
  • Then I got one in my right leg.
  • I tried to help out a team member only to get knocked to the ground when they ran into me (he got it worse though, my elbow went pretty forcefully into his stomach)
  • Another pass to me was headed towards the fence, so despite my better judgment I went running for it, I smacked into the fence as the Frisbee did, my fingers grazed it but it was a lost cause. I hit the fence and fell to the ground. When I stood my ankle was cramping. It was bent to the side and I couldn't straighten it and for a moment I thought it was broken. I sat a round out, stretched, forced my foot to straighten and got back in the game. (P.S. I also hit my knee).
  • I broke four nails as frisbee and frisbee hit my hands wrong.
  • It was an awesome game

If I thought I was an old woman during/after running yesterday I didn't realize this morning would be worse. My knee is bruised and has two red marks that look kind of like a chain link hurts to bend it today, but I'll keep bending it. I have more running and frisbee tonight so I have to get ready. Anyway, see, when I talk...I don't sound positive, but keep in mind that I think yesterday was awesome!


G Sauce said...

Ice, Elevate and Drugs!

Sarah said...

ouchy! does not sound fun. and for the quote...aladin? i think the genie says that to aladin at some point...

Katie H said...

I am proud of the positivity. I need it. Apparently being pregnant makes me more mean than normal. Oh well.



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