Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.*

It's crunch time. Pretty much it's the big day. The only Halloween event I have going this weekend is tonight and I have no costume...and I don't care. This is how I know that something is wrong with me.

I've been in a blah mood...I thought all week, but my coworker informs me that she thought I had been in a relatively good mood for the past week, just slipping down today. That's probably because I was showing signs of life earlier this week, and that was because I started to see the world a little differently. I started to look at work to see what puts me in moods and I think the thing that has done it is that I don't see anywhere for me to go.

I equated it to when I was signed up for that PHR class. I was staying on top of the reading, passing the little quizzes at the end of each section and book and feeling pretty good. Then I was informed I couldn't take the test and what happened? I can tell you what didn't happen, I didn't read, I didn't take quizzes, I barely paid attention in class (but I still went cause it wasn't cheap). I think that's what it is now, I don't see any purpose to caring about my job, I need something to work towards. Luckily for me this little revelation has come just in time for my annual review. So I can discuss this with my boss and hopefully things will improve from there.

Whoa, I wanted to write about Halloween - stupid mood swings. Anyway, so there appears to be one person who is dressed up in our building (not in our office - cause homey don't play like that here). My coworker was looking out the window and alerted me to someone dressed up in a costume. We think it's Fred Flintstone. Anyway, he has these big shoes shaped like feet and I mention to coworker that the high schooler she saw today with bare feet and Tarzan costume on could have used those.

Coworker: Tarzan doesn't wear shoes though.
Me: I don't think those are shoes, I think they are giant feet so he can get the car started.
Coworker: *Laughing*

Then the guys kept walking past the cars over to the retention pond.

Coworker: Oh my! I thought they were going to drive somewhere but are they seriously going to walk!?
Me: No, they are smoking. They shouldn't be smoking there, there's a designated area. Oh there's going to be an e-mail about designated smoke areas. If that mulch catches fire folks, we're going to be in trouble.

Coworker walks away because I was poking fun at a series of e-mails we got this summer about where we can smoke and that mulch was catching fire because people were dropping their cigarette butts everywhere. The woman who sent the e-mails said "folks" more and more as she got angrier and the end, the delinquent smokers turned out to be people from her company.

Me (when coworker returns): The Flintstones' didn't smoke. I'm going to go talk to him about smoking cause it's really out of character and it's beginning to tick me off.

As you can see - I've been very productive today.

I think I'll just whip on some fake eyelashes, some crazy make-up and say that I'm something...mostly I just want to wear the fake eyelashes.


Sarah said...

you could wear brown pants, a white shirt and a pink hat-neopolitan ice cream! or pink shirt, white hat...whichever order that flavor goes in. that would be easy :)

Martha said...

Wear your lab coat, big glasses and make your hair crazy (oh! and wear your eyelashes) and be a sexy scientist not yet discovered!

Lacee said...

Actually...there's an old commercial by certain cigarette company (it's in black and white, it's that old...) that shows Fred and Barney smoking, evading their household chores. Isn't that horrible? I mean, that's a kid's show!

The Ottley's said...

Tell me about those fake eyelashes! I wanna see em!

Amber Lanae- said...

Mean Girls.


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