Monday, October 25, 2010

No Mercedes this year, we have to set an example. Set this!*

I have zero desire to work. I am the only one in my department this morning and I think I have an ulcer...or a stomach bug...or something that makes me feel sick to my stomach when I eat or drink.

The weekends go by too quickly. I have decided that the new work week should be 30 hours, leaving Friday wide open to be a real part of the weekend rather than just the gateway into the weekend. I didn't have enough time this weekend. I got plenty done, but I could have gotten more if I only had more time...say 8.5 hours extra on Friday...just saying. I could have slept more, seen my family more, taken more time to think ...actually I think too much, I think all the time and I think it's to my own detriment.

So the weekend in recap:

Friday night I had a date, yes, a date. Close your mouth it's not that shocking. We decided to wing it, and winging it meant that we went downtown and ate at The Tobacco Company...which by the way, I've never been to. It's one of those really nice restaurants that serves overpriced food with strangely sweet reductions blocking out the naturally good taste of the meat beneath. I felt incredibly uncomfortable the whole time. At least I had a nice sweater on, despite the jeans.

Then we left and entered into the magical world of Inlight ( I appreciate art...I didn't really appreciate this. I did like a few of the displays, but most of them I felt as though we as a people were being swindled. It was like the "artists" were doing a half-asked job and thought, "Well, the open minded people will appreciate this as more than it is, while the closed minded will be ridiculed for being closed minded and not seeing the deeper meaning." ...or not, maybe they ran out of time, maybe in their drug induced state this was art to them. But I'm sorry, projecting a moving beam of light across the pavement is not art, if anything, the drunk people from the local clubs used it as a game. Who can run across the moving beam of light and stay within the lines? They had a really good time and I even wanted to cheer for them. Especially when they decided to run across in mass, 10-12 drunk people trying to run in a straight line...hilarious. Art-sports...exciting. Like I said though, there were a few displays that I liked, but considering how many there just wasn't enough to win my admiration.

So we left and went to my house to make milkshakes...which we didn't eat cause they were too runny or something...I can't remember. Wow - in retrospect this date seems like a bust, but it wasn't, we plan to go out again soon. Hopefully a little more low key next time - like me.

Saturday was the pancake breakfast. Every so often my friend, Jim, and I throw a pancake breakfast. We've only had about 3 of them, but we really like having our friends over and cooking them breakfast. Things got a little crazy and there are pictures to come, but let's just say a peep, M&Ms, pancake, eggs, and lighter fluid were involved. We were going to go to the mountains after that, but I think the smell of bacon had made most of us sick...and tired. So I rearranged my room, which took a long time. I think I like it though, the way it is now. I went over to a friend's house Saturday night and played games and then came home and went to bed.

Sunday was full too. I went to church, then had a meeting, then I went to my parents' house and didn't get to spend enough time with my family. Then I was off to another meeting, except that I thought the meeting was at 7:30 and it turns out that it was at bad. They didn't need me anyway, I just felt bad coming in late. The bishop was sitting a few rows down from me and during one part I look over and he made a face, it made me laugh. His Sunday was no doubt busier than mine and I doubt he had been home yet. Poor guy.

I came home and tried to watch The Incredibles cause I was feeling the need for a little cartoonic comedy only to discover that the copy I own is busted. It just loops on the previews - I hate DVDs all of a sudden. So I settled for Meet the Robinsons. I got in my PJs and warmed up under the covers...and passed out. Yup, by 9:45 I was dead to the world.

Welp, that's my weekend, not in a nutshell cause I took way too long to write it, but I may have written extra just because I don't want to work. Any of you do anything fun this weekend? Or not fun...I'll listen to any weekend story.


G Sauce said...

Oh the Light Show. That was interesting in a not very interesting way. At least it was only in a 2 block area so not much walked was wasted. Although when I went back to meet up with my parents I saw the coolest exhibit of the whole thing. I even took pictures.

Lildonbro said...

Which exhibit was it?

C$ said...

I was there too! I'm sad we didn't run into each other. There were so many people there. Yeah, most of the exhibits were ridiculous. All that VCU art student weird stuff doesn't really appeal to me. I still had a good time though.

G, where are the pictures of the super awesome exhibit? I need to see.

Martha said...

My weekend? Pride and Prejudice night on Friday.

Saturday it was raining, but I returned curtains (wrong color), bought fall flannel sheets for our bed, went to dinner with friends and ended up watching hilarious infomercials.

Sunday- spoke in church, and I was the disciplinarian in my class this week. Amazing how a girl sitting between two boys calms them down.

Chilled last night and watched K-Pax and ate too much junk! (Our neighbor brought over pumpkin bars and our home teachers brought by chocolate chip cookies)

Lacee said...

Last Friday we were so tired from the week, we went to bed at 8:00. 8:00! It's really not fair when you're too tired to enjoy your weekend! I agree with the Fridays off too.

The Ottley's said...

Football game, pumpkin patch, watching then catching in mid-air my child getting flung out of the cart by his father... grrr... birthday party. Crappy day of church! :)

Joanna & Ben said...

The Adams Family Values with Joan it. I was at least glad to see you on Sunday, and hey, you got some of the sugar cookies I made, bonus!


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