Monday, October 11, 2010

Like sand through the hourglass*

Time is running out folks. Halloween is upon us and I haven't a thing to wear! I'm not too worried about it because I have a little faith in myself - I'm hitting 50% for good last minute costume ideas over the last four years.

2006 as Mini-Margaret, my manager at work. People always called me Mini-Margaret - despite the obvious fact that I am anything but her mini. This costume was thought of in advance, I just knew I had to be her for Halloween that year.

2007 - Punky Brewster. It's amazing what kind of costume ideas you can get while you are shopping in the Good Will desperate for a costume idea. Rub and I found the purple vest and the rest is history. This was a last minute costume idea.

2008 - Kissing Booth. The most last minute costume idea I've ever had. It was crunch time, the big day, and I was sitting at work still trying to figure out what I wanted to be that night. Then I decided to be a kissing booth. Grabbed a box from work, took it home, skipped dinner as I cut, colored and glued. Prep time - 45 minutes. (also notice the Kissimmee, FL t-shirt. "Kissimmee and I'll kiss you back."
2009 - A partially used bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. I had known for a while that this was what I had to be. We had a pancake breakfast once where we decided we would make a short film where all the characters would be food products that come in animal/people form (Aunt J, Mrs. Buttersworth, the honey bear, etc.) We had two bottles of Mrs. Buttersworth on the table and we decided we would remake The Shining with the two bottles being the creepy twin girls...
Since I am well aware that I am white and therefore anything but the color of syrup, I decided that a partially used bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth was more appropriate.
I feel like I have had some good costumes in the past years and am a bit worried that I won't live up to my own personal expectations.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what's your costume?


Sarah said...

so are the days of our lives :)

Joanna & Ben said...

you're good! The most I've gotten dressed up in the last, at least, twelve years is wearing a Halloween shirt. WAy to go 'lil sis...but, no, I have no suggestions or anything.


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