Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kids; Can't live with them, can't shoot them. *

I packed a hearty lunch today and put it in a grocery bag. When I opened it to take out the cheese stick for my "snack" the smell coming from the bag took me back to my school days, mostly elementary and middle school. That was weird and nice at the same time.

Today's "What the mess?" moment is brought to you by the good folks of the second floor (I won't name names/departments). We have what we like to call 'the chair cemetery' it's the place that busted chairs like to go when they die...maybe it should be more like rehab, cause we can bring almost all chairs 'back from the dead'. Anyway, doesn't matter now, because today I went down there to get a count of how many replacement arms we needed for said chairs. I opened the door and was shocked to find a clean and well organized area where before there had been a veritable minefield of broken, dilapidated chairs (...Unchairs). Ever in control of my emotions my lips parted and a singular sound escaped, "Uhhhh." So I walked around a bit looking for my little unchairs, where could they be? Finally I asked someone. Turns out they called some 1-800-Junk number and had all the chairs taken away. These chairs cost hundreds of dollars, fixing the arms or the wheels would cost at most $75 each... Moments like these I wish I could spit the way I spit yesterday morning (being a camel or a llama must be so convenient for moments like these). Now I have to e-mail the chair fixer-upper guy back and tell him to ixnay on the airschay. How does one say such a message without sounding mad/ticked? So far all I have is, "Never mind on the arm counts, I went down to count and someone has taken it upon themselves to toss all the damaged chairs." ...I'll keep working on rewording it.

...and this morning started off so well.

I got a letter from Bryan yesterday and I really liked it. Mostly because he sounded like himself again. They just had transfers and in his last area he was the DL (District Leader) and his minions were stressing him out (we joke about who has more "minions" and I was in the lead). Now he doesn't have any because in his new area he is not the district leader, he's just someone else's minion. I have to say I really noticed the difference from his last letter. It was like comparing a dark, wintry day to a bright, spring one...no joke. He hurt his ankle a while back (I believe it was in basketball but he alluded to soccer in this last letter, which sounds more like him anyway). It's healing rather nicely and he doesn't have to wear the brace as much. He got to play the equivalent of Bocce Ball with some people - I looked up Bocce Ball on Google since I have never played it.
...I don't know, seems like an "old" person's game - I wrote back and told him I would hurry up with the promised adult diapers I have been meaning to send him cause it looks like he will need them sooner than I originally anticipated.


Martha said...

His next letter will describe his new love of Shuffleboard and Canasta.

Glad you got a letter. Sorry about the WTM moment. That is irritating. Who gave them the right to do that?! No more ice cream appreciation days for them.

Katie H said...

Bocce ball is actually pretty fun for those of us who lack the coordination to play, say...basketball. Oh pooh. (Although I did enjoy committing blatant fouls in basketball...)

Must say, even though I have no idea what the title is, it made me laugh out loud. I wish I had that posted when I was teaching 8th grade.

Sarah said...

that really sucks about the chairs. working in the office furniture field, it's amazing how many parts on those chairs can be replaced. If you guys have to buy new ones, might I suggest ones that have a lifetime warranty...then when they need repairs, all you guys have to pay for is the labor to fix them. the parts should be covered by the manufacturer. And I highly recommend the Haworth Improv or Haworth Look chairs :) I'm slightly biased, but we sell them all the time and they rarely break.


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