Friday, October 8, 2010

You're hot, so hot.*

I promised pictures back on Monday. So here are some pictures from the Mae concert and also some little things I have done around the house (when I say little, I mean little).
First show of Mae's final tour was at the Canal Club downtown. We tried to get a big group together, but despite Mae's beginnings being in the great state of VA, not a lot of Virginians we hang out with knew who they were. Plus it was Orin's birthday dinner - how do you compete with that? (For those of who now think I am a jerk for skipping some one's birthday dinner, keep in mind I had plans to go the concert before the birthday dinner's conception).
At one point I thought it would just be Bryant and me, but then Amber remembered that she had told us she would go. So we at least got one person to abandon the other side.
Disclaimer for my Mae picture. The lighting was horrible. I know, concerts aren't lit up or anything, but every time I tried to take a picture it would come out looking someone like this. I don't know if the lights in the back threw off my flash, or if...or what, cause I can't think of anything else.
It was a great show though. I was worried that I wouldn't know many of the songs cause I kind of pick my favorites and stick to them. But they sang a lot of my favorites so that was great. However, I think I'm getting too old for concerts, I was physically beat by the end. We got there at 8 and the first opening band was still playing (there were three) and then by the time Mae came on I needed to find a place to sit for a while. Every time I go to a concert I am like, "This is awesome!! I hope this is the last song!" But it never is, because everyone does encores now. It was expected for Mae since who knows if we'll ever see them in concert again (reunion tours). At least they only came out once and only sang two more songs. When I went to the U2 concert it was like, "Bono, come on now, three encores is a bit redunkulous don't you think?" Such is life right? ...Maybe.

So on to my teeny, tiny improvements around the house. I've only lived there since the end of February, but I finally decided to hang some stuff up on the walls. Thanks to sister, Joanna, for the donations to the "Make Jessica's house cuter" fund. These are things she used to have up in her old house, but doesn't have the wall space for them now. Ever the baby sister, I'm used to and grateful for "hand-me-downs"

I also hung up my 'Proclamation to the Family' (finally), and Amber and I found some way cute Harvest candle holders. She bought me the three gourds up top on the mantel (those little burning candles are the pumpkin scented candles from Wal-Mart. You can get a pack with three little candles and two big candles for $10...I buy at least one every year.
You can barely see it, but at the bottom right hand corner of the fire place there is a pumpkin candle holder, it holds three or four (five?) candles. I had taken a picture of just it, but for some reason I couldn't find it when I was pulling pictures up this morning.
Anyway, that's kind of what I have been up to lately.


Sarah said...

Since you asked on my post... :) My love of Oregon probably stems from that being some of the first family vacations I remember taking. It's not too terribly far to travel their from Boise, ID. about 7 hours of a drive. We always did fun stuff on the coast trips and it always seemed to be the time we got to see all our cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents on my dad's side. Just lots of good memories right there.

Plus, the sound of the ocean is just soothing to me. When Josh and I were on our honeymoon, we stayed in hotels as close to the water as possible and would sleep with the doors open at night so we could hear the waves.

It's one of the few vacations I've ever taken where I actually got to relax. It seems like everywhere else I go, there's tons of things to see and do and people to visit. I think having been to the coast so many times, I'm not as overwhelmed with all the site seeing and activites. I've done them, I know my favorites so I do those. I have my favorite restaurants and my favorite shops. It's just easy living when I go there.

Plus, it doesn't get too hot. I hate being hot. I'd rather have on a sweater and drink cocoa than be hot, so that bodes well for me :)

So that would be a little bit about why I love the coast. Most people probably think it's not the most exciting thing, but I see vacations as a time to just chill. If i wanted to do tons of stuff and be busy busy busy, I would have stayed home and worked :)

The Ottley's said...

D! I need more pictures. House. City. Work. ETC. Who is this Bryant kid (?!?!) I think you are pretty awesome for commenting on Amanda's blog. I was over there the other night and she's like, "So that D girl comments on my blog." I thought it was hilarious! (She loves it by the way!)

Lildonbro said...

:) I don't know what kind of pictures to take! But I will try to take more just for you Tami.
Bryant it just one of my frisbee buddies. I'm glad Amanda likes that I comment, cause sometimes I wonder if she thinks I'm weird or creepy.

Sarah - my favorite vacation spots are places where I can just relax and lose track of time! :) So I understand!


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