Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am removing the superfluous buns.*

"Let us reflect gratitude for our fathers.

"Father . . . is ever willing to sacrifice his own comfort for that of his children. Daily he toils to provide the necessities of life, never complaining, ever concerned for the well-being of his family. This love for children, this desire to see them well and happy, is a constant in a time of change."

Thomas S. Monson, "An Attitude of Gratitude," Ensign, Feb. 2000, 4

My dad!

I think it so no big secret that I am a Daddy's girl through and through. I absolutely love my father. When I was a little kid I used to think, "I'm going to marry my dad!" I didn't really know what "marry" meant, but I knew my mom was married to my dad...oh and I didn't think about him already being married to my mom. I don't remember when that wore off, or when I was told that you can't marry your dad...or your brother, or your cousin (I was really striking out as a young child), but I think what really was to be pulled from this was that there are qualities in these men that I can look for in men I am not related to and can marry. I gleaned qualities from my dad that I look for in a future companion. I realize, with some despair, that I probably can't find someone with all my favorite qualities that he posses, but I think I am pretty determined to get as many as possible.

My dad is what we call a gentle giant. He is kind and patient but if he loses his temper you'd better watch out. Oddly enough, I have felt a bit of safety in that. I knew deep down that if anyone hurt or threatened to hurt me that my dad wouldn't be the type to put up with it.

He loves his children, you can tell when you watch him look at any of them. He loves them all for different reasons, and he would do anything for them.

He's a handyman, that can never change about him. It took me a while to realize that not a lot of guys are handymen anymore. There are few who could remodel my future kitchen or bathroom, fix the sink, install a ceiling fan, "know a guy" for heating systems, siding, roof repair, etc. What a let down that guys aren't born with this ability. But I have come to learn through my brother-in-laws that they can be taught! So this is something I am willing to give a little on.

His diligence. Even if he's not allowed into the house, he does his home teaching every month. He serves in his callings at church.

COOKIES!!! Got to love a man who bakes. I am so grateful for him passing his mother's sugar cookie recipe down to us, and for him being willing to make them for any and all holidays now (not just idea EVER). Oh, and how could I forget Saturday morning pancakes!?

He loves a good joke/story/game of Balderdash. He loves to laugh.

At lady at my mom and sister's work this he looks like Tom Selleck so she made him this card.

...and when he took a bite of what I considered to be the world's most delicious snickerdoodles (from a restaurant) he ate it, looked at me and said, "Yours is better."

I just love this man and am so grateful that I was blessed to grow up with a father like him!


Joanna & Ben said...

isn't that quote from Father of the Bride?? I love our Dad, he's one of the best.

Martha said...

Waffles. He makes AMAZING waffles.

When we were little, he made our birdthday cakes. He would dye the coconut green for grass and make marshmallow "aminals."

Katie H said...

Awesome post! I feel the same way about my dad...well, in a lot of ways.

That cake looks suspiciously like the cake my friend Paola made for my coworker Carol when I was still in Richmond. It was supposed to look like Tom Selleck, but it looked more like...well, your dad. ;)


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