Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Somebody help me, I'm being spontaneous! *

The other day my friend said to me, "Keep your fingers crossed." I said that I would. But then I got to thinking about it. Isn't it weird that people cross their fingers for good luck but also when they don't intend to keep a promise that they are making?
So the question. If I agree to keep my fingers crossed is it because I am with you in wishing for good luck or because I have no intention of joining you in your quest for good luck...
I can again never trust people who cross their fingers for me. They're really just saying that they don't intend to keep them crossed for me.
In other news - let's talk about favorite movies.

Lately I have been thinking about my favorite movies. What are they and why kind of thing. Mostly it started because one night a group of friends were talking and one girl said that her favorite movie was "The Proposal". ...Now I haven't seen this movie and maybe I'm a snob, but I said in my mind, "For the love of all that is holy, why!?"

Then one of the guys said that his favorite movie was "You've Got Mail". Chick flicks...for guys and girls alike. So then I started to think that I must be pretty weird to have my favorite movie as "Gattaca".

A few weeks ago, while we were driving around D.C. and Northern Virginia on our impromptu tour, we played a game that I like to call Truth-or-Truth. There are many of you who have had the joy and ultimate pleasure of playing this game with me. I like this game because it's a time I don't let myself fib and I excuse myself completely for my honesty. One of the that Brittany made, was that we all go around and name one thing we like about each person in the car. Amber and I both mentioned to Nick that we love his nerdiness (for he is 100% nerd). Later Amber said something about throwing herself in with Nick and Jessica's nerdiness and I said, "I'm not a nerd." Everyone laughed. ...I'm not a nerd.

But then it dawned on me...I am a nerd. Let's look at the evidence, my favorite movie is Gattaca, the story I am writing is about people who develop superhuman powers (a comic book in novel form), I alphabetize my DVDs, my favorite books are dystopian novels which include: 1984, Brave New World, Children of Men, etc. etc. etc. Let’s throw in that I also like Science Fiction books. I like to project when I can have my car paid off (by making a spreadsheet, choosing a monthly amount and seeing how early I can pay it off – I also work in interest). No need to examine this further, I’m a nerd. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m a cool nerd, but I’m not doing very well with that.

Oh brother, pretty much I just wanted to ask "What's your favorite movie?"


Elizabeth said...

OH you are a nerd. But people secretly want to be like us. I color coordinate my closet and binders for school. I like my monthly budget sheet and crossing off my to-do list. SO WHAT. haha You're the best.
I ADORE The Notebook AND Shawshank Redemption

Sarah said...

"10 things I hate about you" is my favorite. and I must be a nerd too because I love Brave New World. Probably my favorite book! And My closet is organized by sleeve length...and I fold my underwear and socks...Nerdage to the max.

Katie H said...

I think our tastes can evolve & change...for example, when I was by my lonesome, I would watch chick flicks all the stinking time. Then, I tried to be social & started to love other movies & now I even kinda like football (gasp). P.S. We're ALL nerds. It's just what kind of nerd do you prefer, in my opinion. (You organize & alphabetize; I use checklists like nobody's business - and I rewrite them when they get too messy for my taste. See?)

I cannot possibly pick one favorite movie. There are too many. I have never seen Gattica, though. I may have to rent...


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