Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard... is what makes it great.*

I have about 0% motivation today. Don't worry, I am still working, just not with much motivation to do so. Sometimes I question my job (as you know). Today's adventure was tracking down who was burning popcorn. This is a serious offense...

We got the call from someone downstairs that the people who sublease from us have burned popcorn...again. I went down with the super sniffer to do an olfactory test. Sure enough, our break room didn't have a trace of anything burning and our employees stood near the microwaves while their food cooked. I went across the hall and as I approached the other company's break room I could smell the burned popcorn, wretched smell that it is.

We actually had this problem last week. The main landlord was called in because there was smoke in that area. They found a burned bag of popcorn in the microwave and asked me to send the word along that they shouldn't leave food unattended. The culprit was actually my contact with the sub leasers. She apologized and then said that they had a faulty microwave and that they would be getting a new one. So, when I found we had a similar situation a week later, I e-mailed her about it...

She wrote back to tell me that it was actually Mac & Cheese (funny how similar they smell when burnt). But she has sent out an e-mail and posted signs. Then I got to e-mail my "status report" on the whole burnt situation. ...Thrilling.

Anyhoodle, remember that co-ed basketball league I was talking about? The one I joined but was extremely nervous to do so? Well, last night was our first game. We won 51-25!! Yay! I was very nervous at first, almost to the point where I would have been content to just sit and watch the whole game. But I got out there and started to run back and forth and I felt great! I have to admit, I think training for this 8k has really helped me feel better and more fit. I first noticed it at Frisbee. I feel more agile, I jump more, a run a little more up and down the field. So it was the same with basketball.

I lost my temper got angry was a little frustrated at a few points in the game. The first was when a girl from the other team kept bouncing against me while I had the ball...seriously, it was like a child's toy that walks on it's own but meets resistance against a wall, it just keeps going...my other analogy was the guys from Night at the Roxbury on the dance floor. I was getting so frustrated, the ref finally called something when I dribbled the ball, even though I thought I was dribbling it out of bounds. I surprised myself by throwing the ball at the back of the girl as she walked away. She reminded me of an old roommate I had...one I didn't like. Luckily I could play off the ball thing as I wasn't paying attention when I tossed it to the ref.

The other time was actually multiple times. One of the guys from the other team shoved me around. I'm not trying to get special treatment, if I come into the key I deserved to be shoved around...but shoved around the right way. His way was just uncalled for. He would totally just shove me with his hand, really hard. Finally I started to plant my feet and muscle my way in. It was too late for that guy though, I had his face in my mind and I had it out for him. I got him back...twice. Once I hit the ball away from him and he and his teammate tried to save it from going out of bounds but they failed. The guy pointed at me in that, "But she hit it out" whiny way that guys sometimes do when they are too competitive for their own good. I just smirked. I knew that I didn't hit it out, but I also know that it went out because I knocked it away from him, if that makes sense...my hands were not the last to touch the ball.

The second time was when I was the only one from my team already on the other side of the court (cause we had just made a basket) and same guy comes dribbling down for a lay-up. Not on my watch you shover! Yeah...I may have fouled him, but he didn't make the basket on me, and that's what counts.

I think it's safe to say that I absolute love basketball and have missed it dearly.

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Katie H said...

I am unmotivated today too. And grumpy. lack of sleep + too much to do + pregnancy hormones = angry kt. oh well.

I loved basketball purely for the fouls. I couldn't do anything else that well, except foul. I say bring it on.


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