Friday, October 1, 2010

My allergic reaction made me feel beautiful.*

For a few weeks now when people say October 1st I get this funny feeling, like something is important about October 1st. It was yesterday that I realized it...October 1st is my anniversary at work. It has now been three years! It's amazing how fast time flies (or how exotic Wisconsin isn't*).

I have to say, I am a little surprised that it's been three years. In three years I have gone through:
  • 3 co-workers (doing the payroll position)
  • 3 CEOs
  • 2 bosses
  • I have processed 78 terminations (with just as many (if not more) new hires)
  • I know the names and faces of all 135 employees (and also still remember all the 78 terminations)...this is big for me
  • I have coordinated Angel Tree, blood drives, food bank donations, bake-offs, cook-offs, pumpkin carving contests, random pizza lunches, an ice-cream appreciation day, brown bag sessions, interviews, Onboarding meetings, and tickets for Richmond Flying Squirrels games.
  • I have scanned every document in the HR department (close enough at least)
  • I have moved the chairs throughout two buildings, multiple times for multiple meetings
  • I have attended several employment law seminars, a semester of a PHR class (and would have taken the test if they would have allowed me), and various webinars.
  • I conducted an internal I-9 audit
  • I am a notary
  • I have learned payroll and recruiting
  • I am in charge of the suggestion program, the recognition program, the education reimbursement program, facilities and the main page of our Intranet.
  • And much more.

I've come a long way from the days when I just sat in my workstation writing a book and wondering if I had made a mistake by switching jobs. ...I write at home now (*cough* that means I still wonder if I made a mistake :P)


Martha said...

*Wisconsin isn't- While You Were Sleeping!!

Joanna & Ben said...

congrats Jess, that's big. All of those things make you sound so powerful. I don't know the first quote but I think the second about Wisconsin is While you were sleeping.


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