Friday, October 22, 2010

All kinds of weather, we stick together, the same in the rain or sun*

Let me tell you why my sister, Joanna, is amazing. First, a disclaimer for Martha and Kathryn: All of my sisters are amazing, but today's post is a little into why Joanna is.

If I could grow up to be like anyone, it would be Joanna. She is an amazing mother! She is a jack of all trades. Artistic, crafty, funny, smart, talented, beautiful, determined, loving, patient, kind (...until she is hungry, but I think all Donbro girls suffer from that cranky hunger monster that takes over from time to time). Mostly it goes back to that whole, being an amazing mother bit. What some women strive and wish to be just seems to come naturally to her. In addition to being a great mom, she is an awesome sister. Let's not forget the role she played in last year's 'partially used bottle of Mrs. Buttersworth' costume...what kind of syrup bottle would I be without the proper yellow apron?

Anyway, so main story of this entry. A few weeks ago we had a birthday party for Andrei. Andrei is this kid from church who has some mental impairments (a Little help with the P.C. portion of all of that). He turned 24...or 23, I can't remember, he's younger than me so I tend to forget those people's ages for my own sake. He wanted a Mickey Dance Party themed birthday and somehow (still don't know how it happened) I was put in charge of securing a cake. With some help from and free, speedy delivery, I was able to get a Mickey Mouse cake pan (that Joanna sent me the link for) and then I went to her house so "we" could make it. And by "we" I mean, I'll play with your kids while you slave in the kitchen. Did I mention patient and kind and loving up there in my list?

So here is the baked product. Joanna decided that pound cake would probably make this project better...and who doesn't like pound cake? (Don't answer that, I don't want to have to shun you).

The instructions on the pan said to use lard to grease it, not butter...Jo had already greased it with butter...same difference right? I thought so, Mickey's nose begs to differ.

But much like the human body, these things can be fixed with a little cosmetic work. That was just day one. Day two (Saturday) was jammed packed for both Joanna and me. Saturday morning we had a baby shower (Hi Katie!), then I went to tame my beastly manbrow (I got my eyebrows done) and headed right back to Joanna's house where I followed her to her sister-in-law (my childhood friend), Jessica's house for a birthday cookout. Delicious hot dogs Matt! They tasted just like they had been cooked on a grill, and yet they hadn't been. From there we split up. Joanna to work on the cake, me to work on the cupcakes (in case more people than cake showed up) and to go out to dinner with a group of friends. I went to the house on the way to the party to pick up the finished product and this is what I saw:

My heart swells and bursts* each time I look at this.

Joanna, you beautiful creature, you've done it again. The fame of this cake quickly spread. People who weren't at the party were talking about it on Sunday at church. Even the bishop mentioned to me that he heard I made an awesome cake (which I quickly corrected that my sister had done). So for anyone who didn't get the memo that I didn't make the cake...I didn't make the cake - Joanna did.

Thanks again Beaner!


Martha said...

Jo Jo Bean is amazing! How she does these things with three kids (one of them being Tommy) I will never know. I struggle with just me to worry about.

Katie H said...

Oh my golly she is amazing. I went to a baby shower last night where the moms had decorated with homemade paper pumpkins, those puff balls you hang from the ceiling, and homemade cakes & goodies. I think I stood there with my mouth open. I'm lucky these days if I remember to draw a smiley face on a thank-you card. All my creativity went out the window eons ago. (Sad to realize you peaked in high school, but such is life, right?)

The Ottley's said...

That's a good lookin cake! You and Joanna should go into business! I'm interested to see the rest of the decorations! :)


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