Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Not so much here, or here, but right here.*


am a brat.

I have known this for quite some time now, I have gotten in fights about it, made coworkers and friends angry, made myself angry. The only people who don't really seem affected are my family members (which means either I've always been this way and they have given up, or they are just as bad as I am, ew - or they love and accept me for who I am...I like that one better). Anyway, since I realize this problem I am trying to be better about it. Not completely eradicating it because I seem to have plenty of friends so I think that they like it somewhat, but sometimes I need to just learn to shut my mouth.

Experiment #1 is currently in progress at work. It began Monday...but then I forgot. So it started over again today. I have done okay so far, all of my smart alec remarks were said while storytelling and people thought they were funny. But I have been e-mailing someone back and forth today about an "ALL" e-mail (that means it goes to everyone in the company). I am supposed to write up the e-mail and send it out, but I've been given key points to address. I wrote back asking for clarification on one said point and this person responded with the answer and then asked me to CC (pretty much - copy) them on the e-mail when I send it out to everyone...to me, you would want to be copied so that you have a copy of the e-mail for your records, which he'll get...cause it's an all e-mail.

I took a deep breath and discussed the issue with my coworker. Her suggestion was to write him back and double check. How the heck do you double check something like that without coming across as a brat?

"You do realize you're going to get this e-mail don't you?"
"Did you mean to ask to be copied on an 'all' e-mail?"
"Is there any polite way to put this?"

...I'm drawing a blank. I am trying not to be a brat, but people make it so easy for me sometimes. I think I have opted to not confirm, I'll just copy him on the e-mail and let myself believe that it is one of those professional things...like copying the hiring manager on an offer letter, even though they won't see it.


G Sauce said...

My boss forwards me things or prints off things to me often even though she can see that I was already sent that. They really pay no attention to that type of stuff. They just want to make sure and they aren't paying attention to the details. I always tell me boss that I already go it etc. Then again I have a different relationship with my boss then most people.

Martha said...

Tommy Boy?

Sarah said...

oh man...i have a tough time not pointing out stupid things people say. we have a customer who told us not to spend their deposit...but the desposit is to buy the product they've ordered. how are we not supposed to spend it on the product they've ordered? Isn't that the point of a deposit! stupid people need to be sent to antartica and left there.


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