Monday, October 18, 2010

When you fall into a bottomless pit you die of starvation.*

20 points for the title

I've had a pretty busy weekend! Friday started out with a birthday dinner for my friend Nick at Cheesecake Factory. I would like to point out here that I don't like the Cheesecake Factory. They are always really busy on the weekends, I don't see what the big deal is about...and I don't eat cheesecake (might be why I don't see what the big deal is about).

Amber, Brittany and I got there about an hour late and our group (which was now to be divided into 3 groups) was still waiting (well, a third had been seated). When the hostess came to tell us that one more table was ready Nick called out that he wanted all the ladies to sit with him. Since it was his birthday dinner how could we object?

He's a smart man. So all the girls went with him and we left about four guys in the foyer. They were eventually seated and they talked politics (...boring). I will give Cheesecake Factory this...our waiter was hilarious. I bet that boy takes home good tips every night because he sure had us laughing.

Saturday was an amazing Temple trip up to Maryland for our stake temple day. A group of us left from my house since I live right by I-95 and to go meet at the church we would have had to go south, then back north...just seems like a waste. So we left around 7:30 a.m. and headed up.

We beat the people from church but we all met up again later. We had an awesome meeting afterwards that was just so wonderful. I had to say the closing prayer...I was so nervous that when the last speaker was up there I was having trouble swallowing...can we say cotton mouth?

While we waited for everyone in our car to finish doing whatever they were doing, Brittany, Bryant and I took random photos in front of the temple...we did get someone to take one of us so we actually had the temple in the background but this is my favorite one. Brittany is just so short...I love it.

On the trip home we stopped at Einstein's to get something for lunch. We ate in the car because we had a lot going on back in Richmond that we needed to get back to.

Me + eating in the car = not so awesome.

I spent most of the rest of the trip leaning against the window or with my head in my lap focusing on my breathing so I wouldn't throw up. We made it through horrible, slow moving traffic and finally crossed the VA state line. I put my head down on my lap and tried to fall asleep. Later, Amber said, "What road am I on?" I sat up, "I thought we were on 95." She said she thought so too, but she wasn't. We passed a sign that said 395...that's not right. I started to look around, none of us knew exactly where we were going and how to get turned around, then someone said, "We're headed north!" Nick said, "I think we're still in Virginia though." I looked to my left and saw the Washington Monument.

I pointed it out to Nick. I don't think we're in Virginia anymore.* Amber turned on the GPS and we took a detour. Bryant called out random, interesting facts about almost everything we were passing (and yes, I have signed on to take a D.C. tour from Bryant, it's about time I actually toured DC and with random tidbits to boot!)

I took pictures like a tourists, three of the Washington Monument, one of some building I can't remember, the DC Police Department's light thingy, some straw man at a stop light, and the pentagon. It was actually pretty funny. I still felt sick and wished we were home...but I would say it was a delightful addition to the day.

Of course, when you get turned around and go north when you meant to go south, it means that when you course correct you're headed straight towards that traffic you already made it through once that day. That part was no bueno. We finally made it home.

Amber, Bryant and I cleaned up the house and Lauren and Erick came over to make dinner. The missionaries came, Brittany came back over and we ate. The missionaries shared a great spiritual thought with us before leaving too, I just love those. After most everyone had left I showed Bryant "Joe vs. the Volcano" because he hadn't seen it but he is in love with Meg Ryan (or Megan or Miss Ryan as he calls her). 'Joe' isn't an Oscar nominated movie or anything, and it's slow at first, but he liked it...not as much as "You've Got Mail" though.

Sunday was church, dinner with the family, and then Amber had some people over for a little farewell for Lauren and Erick who are leaving us on Tuesday. It was fun, but I met my fun quota around 9 and was ready for everyone to leave...the last people left at midnight. It's okay, I slept a little on the couch while they were talking.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love the weekends because that's when life happens.


Sarah said...

teen girl squad! I love strong bad and the tgs :) i think so and so was the one that said that too...if not her, the ugly one.

Sarah said...

I hate getting lost on the road. I especially hate it when you're in the middle of no where and you don't have a full tank of gas.

Lildonbro said...

Hmm...or coasting down a mountain cause you didn't fill up on the way to the campsite :P

Sarah said...

Im never going to catch up to Joanna in blog bucks!

Katie H said...

sounds like fun...except for the driving part. i get so annoyed when i get lost. but thankfully you were with happy people who didn't mind. ish.

i know what you mean about your fun quota...i can be at a fun party & after a few hours, i need alone time. just for a timeout. does that make me weird? oh well.

Lildonbro said...

Don't give up Sarah!

Katie...if that makes you weird it makes me weird too! Every time there is a party in my house I usually end up in my room by myself or with a few close friends.


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