Friday, May 30, 2014

It is possible that the two yutes...*

Hello – long time no blog.

I’m going to be one of those people with a general update in case there is anyone who still reads this.

I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s see. Right after Matt and I got back from the honeymoon (seriously, within 24 hours) I was called to be the first counselor in the Young Women’s Presidency. I am the counselor over the 14-15 year old girls (Mia-Maids). Can we talk for a second about what 14 and 15 were like for me?

No…we can’t. I can’t say I really remember it, I just know that I was the weird kid who didn’t fit in. It’s safe to assume that I was overweight, wore thick glasses, didn’t know how to get my hair to behave but didn’t want to wear it in a ponytail, and wore giant tweety bird shirts. Oh – and I had braces. I think we can all imagine my self-esteem wasn’t exactly burgeoning back then.

Let’s add to the mix that I haven’t really been in a family ward since 2001, with brief visits the summer of 2002, 2004- 2006 before joining the singles ward. Point being – I’m not used to being around the youth, much less being a leader.

So it’s been two months and I’m still trying to get used to not only being a leader (and therefore being called “Sister” rather than “Jessica”), but also to my new last name. I’m also not sure how to behave around them. Be their friend but be a good example. I haven’t thought about being an example in so long I’m not sure what constitutes a good one. I would hope my natural actions would suffice but then I still worry sometimes.

I have to say though, after each encounter, I enjoy my calling more and more.

On a different note – have I ever mentioned that I don’t mind hand-me-downs? I really don’t. I’ve heard some people who were the younger siblings complain about having to wear their sister’s old clothes/shoes but I’ve always been all about the free stuff. Love it.

With that being said – it seems my family (and by “my family” I now include the in-laws) keeps giving us stuff (and this girl doesn't complain). Chewy’s sister loaded up her parents’ car with baby gear (note to readers: said baby gear was offered to us to have for when we are ready – there is no immediate need for it if you catch my drift). My sister (and Chewy’s brother) gave us a brand new couch.

I realized today that I have never bought a couch, nor a television. The house I bought came with a couch and then my sister gave me an old one of hers when she moved back to Virginia. Then I got a new roommate so we chucked the house couch and used hers. Then Chewy and I have just been using the giant chair until yesterday, when we got a couch. Also – all my TVs have been gifted to me. Now I’m wondering what else I've never bought but have owned multiples of.

Have I mentioned I've been scatterbrained lately?

I have signed up for a writing conference in October. (Eek!) The conference itself isn't that scary, what’s scary is that I also signed up to meet with an agent for 7 minutes and pitch my story idea to them. My writing group still meets once a month and we have changed the way we do our submissions. Usually the four of us would submit a chapter each. This month I submitted a chapter and one of the women submitted the rest of her story. Next month I won’t submit anything and the following month I’ll submit the rest of my story. It’s good in a way, it’s given me a deadline to finish and the conference gives me a deadline to finish edits. Anyone want to be a beta reader?

OH - let's not forget Easters.  I'm still working on my photography skills - so Easter was a fun time to take some photos:  

Selfies count for photography skills too

Again, I'm sorry for the long break - I hope I'll be better about blogging moving forward.  Also - I'm still waiting on the wedding photos from the photographer - but I hope to have them in the next week or so and I'll be sure to post some then.


G Sauce said...

Dude those are some good shots. I really like the eggs on the bumper (even though I don't understand why eggs would be on a bumper) and the bubbles. In fact, how did you do the bubbles one?

Jessica Donbrosky said...

G - I tried with several different settings for the bubbles and the angle made all the difference! I took a million bubble shots but with the sun in the background seemed to be the best one.

Then - a little editing in Lightroom to pull the colors back out of the sky.


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