Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me.*

My sister-in-law will randomly post her dreams on Facebook accompanied by pictures.  I really like this cause it helps me try and imagine what she is seeing in her dreams.  So in SIL form - here is my dream/nightmare from this morning.

It started in the church building.  There was some unseen monster moving through the building attacking people (I can't remember if it killed them or just injured them).  As Dream Jessica, I remembered someone telling me I was the only person who could defeat this monster because I could read her mind BUT she could read mine.  So we would always know each other's moves - but at least I wouldn't die as quickly as someone else might.

So I'm standing in the hallway and it's clear the monster was in one of the rooms because things were being thrown all around.  My heart raced in my chest and I turned and ran to this patio (like what would be attached on a lake house).  I look for the dagger I've been given.

But the dagger's gone, the monster's approaching and all I saw was a Kitchen Aid knife.

I grab it and turn.  The monster came through the door and she looked like Aughra from The Dark Crystal -

Except not as friendly looking.  I lunged at her, testing whether or not she could predict my moves but I think she could read in my thoughts that I was too scared to stab her because she seemed unfazed by everything.  As Dream Jessica, I kept waiting for my brother to come and shoot her while I tried to stab her.  I really didn't want to stab her, I didn't want to know what it felt like.

At one point I had her out of the house and onto the deck.  She rolled down the stairs and stopped at the bottom level where she lay still (not dead - not even POSSIBLY dead)

I told her she had to live out there, but we'd get her a cot to sleep on (we're so nice).  Then I acted natural as I went back into the house, but my heart raced the whole time!  I locked the door and crouched down behind a bookshelf.  I kept telling myself to wake up, or at least hang in there until my body woke up (which I thought unusual).  I heard her slow, heavy footsteps on the stairs and then her massive frame blocked the sun.  She jiggled the door handle.  Then the door creaked open and I kept picturing myself attacking her from behind the doorway just ahead.  Since she could read my thoughts, she headed toward the other doorway - ready for an attack.  I kept picturing myself hiding behind the other door with the knife in my hand while I sneaked up from behind.

Luckily I woke up before I had to kill her.

But - that's my dream from this morning.

I can't help but wonder if it was trauma induced.  Last night I hit my arm on one of those accordion walls at church.

There's a metal hook on the end so it can lock into the wall - I think that's what I hit.  It kind of hurt at first but I was like, "I'm okay." Cause I'm a klutz and don't want to draw attention to myself.  But then I hid it because I wasn't sure if it was bleeding and then it just stung....a lot.

Here's to a quick recovery.

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Isaac said...

I say this quote all the time completely out of context! Encino Man


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