Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Close your little eyeballs*

January = 4

February = 1

March = 1

April = 7

May = 5

June =  5 

July = 2

Total = 25

I'm a little behind with the reading...Goodreads tells me I'm 4 books behind.  Eek.  Better get on it.  I think one problem is the starting and stopping of books.  There have been several I have started and stopped.  Some because of inappropriate material I don't feel like finishing.  Others because I could care less about the characters by page 60 and I think I should care by page 60.  Anyway - no excuses.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons by Lorna Landvik
At work we started a little book club (I have explained about White Oprah? If not - I'll need to get on that).  This was the first book we decided to read.  I had trouble getting in to it at first, way too many characters right off the bat.  In the end I had a list of characters, spouses and their occupations...just to try and keep them straight.  The book is about a book club (appropriate for our first book). The chapters alternate between the characters depending on if it's their month to host the book club.  I think I finally figured out that two characters are in first person, while the others are in third.  Sometimes we knew what was going on in someone else's mind but not consistently, so that drove me crazy.  One character is always writing letters to her dead mom...I could have done without those letters.  The whole book has that Forest Gump feel (cause that's a thing, The Forest Gump Feel).  It covers decades in the lives of these women and they keep the book club going the whole time (but we don't witness every single month thank goodness).  Overall I actually liked the book despite my misgivings at the beginning.  It did drive me a little crazy how we would jump years ahead of the last chapter and somehow I was expected to keep their children straight in my head and care about what happens to them when they are twenty (and their mom was just pregnant with them like five chapters ago).  But what can you do when you want to cover the 60's-90's?  It was a good read and a nice break from my end of the world YA I've been sucked into lately.

Quiet by Susan Cain
I first got interested in reading this book after seeing a Ted Talk with Susan Cain and how she talked about being an introvert in a society that promoted extroversion.  Being an introvert myself (I know - shocker) I was interested in reading more of her ideas.  There were mixed reviews about this book, some people saying she's not really an introvert and others saying she doesn't know what she is talking about.  But she provided interesting statistics and research about her topics within the book and being an introvert who is accused of being an extrovert at times - I can tell you there is a spectrum.  She states in the beginning of the book that not everything will apply to the reader.  I think it would be a good read for any introvert and for people who may be parents of an introvert.

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