Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby's Day Out

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, the infamous glucose test I've heard so much about.  My appointment was at 8, so Chewy and I showed up a few minutes early.  The doors to the office weren't even unlocked yet, I've never been there that early.  We checked in and went back for an ultrasound.  We had a new lady, well, one we haven't seen before.  Little man wouldn't cooperate for her so she wiggled the wand around on my belly and pushed down and begged baby boy to move so she could get the shot she wanted.  Chewy asked if there was some trick I had to get him to move.  I told him I hadn't figured out how to control our baby yet.

We got to see him as he experienced some hiccups though.  And she got a picture of his fist in the air.

More power to you baby.

At one point, he retaliated against the ultrasound lady....of course, I'm the one who felt it, and let me say, not pleasant.  She finally got what she wanted and Chewy and I cleaned up the goop and went over to the lab for my glucose drink.

I had heard from so many people that it was disgusting and to drink it fast.  Only one person had said it tasted good.  I had my choice of fruit punch and orange.  I went with the lesser of two evils (fruit punch).  The lady said, "you have five minutes to drink that."  So I untwisted the cap and threw it down the hatch.  I don't know if I was worried it would taste bad or if I'm incredibly competitive and saw "five minutes" as a challenge, but I'm willing to bet it was the former.  It tasted like HI-C and not revved up HI-C like was told, just what you would get if you got it as a fountain drink.

Then it was over to the doctor to be least favorite part.  I gave my usual sample and then Chewy and I sat in one of the rooms waiting.  The nurse came in to give me my "injection" - I think I would have preferred her to call it a shot.  A shot isn't so bad.  She stepped over to the counter with her back to me and I rolled up my sleeve.  I think I may have said, "This is the worst day ever" because after my "injection" I would be getting my blood taken.  To which she replied that at least this shot was in the butt.



...I unrolled my sleeve.  Out of all the things the people in that office have seen I'm not quite sure they've ever seen my butt.  I immediately felt the need to get off my butt so I stood.  She said I could lay on my side on the short little table or I could stand in front of it with my hands in front of me (not sure why that's a concern, maybe it's only natural to fight away a needle aimed for your butt).  I chose to stand as it seemed more comfortable.  I pulled down my pants and then I pulled them up again and verified that I was suppose to do that.  She said 'yes' and I said, "good, because I didn't want to make this awkward."  Chewy came over to hold my hand, for which I am grateful because let me tell you, that sucker burned!

The whole time I had no idea why I was getting the shot, I figured it was just routine, but as the lady was leaving she mentioned that she is "RH negative too" and she always had to get the shots.  I learned something new about myself.  Well, I really learned it when I Googled it after she left (gotta love smart phones).  All the things I am learning about myself because of this baby.

Doctor came in to talk to us for a bit about our baby and the results from the ultrasound.  Then he sent me to get my blood taken.  I was hungry,tired and I had just taken a shot to the butt.  In some ways, having my blood taken was nothing, in others, I worried all the above would combined and I would get sick.  But it wasn't bad.  I don't look, I don't think I could handle looking.  I just count random numbers and pray with my eyes closed.  When I was done we went to the waiting room and I ate some crackers.

When I got to work I tried swiping my ID badge to get the elevator to operate.  That's not how you do push a button.  Luckily I was alone and could laugh at myself rather than be embarrassed
And that's my day so far.  Just got word that work is closing early today because of our weekly inclement weather we've been having.  I mean, seriously, it's like every Thursday we are going to have snow or ice.  We haven't had youth night in three weeks now.  But who am I to complain, I get to go home and rest.

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