Thursday, November 5, 2009

I think I'm coming down with the black lung, pop*

My head hurts.

First off, one of my famous blanket apologies. I have been super busy since...I don't even remember when. This busy-ness has spilled over into my work of all places - leaving little to no time for me to write or read blogs. To all those desperately awaiting my witty comments to your blog entries - my sincerest apologies. To those desperately awaiting my witty blog entries, seeing as how I don't really write witty blog entries- my deepest apologies . One day, I will get back on track - in the meantime, please bear with me.

It's open enrollment time at work. So all day long I have been sticking labels on things. The labels to the dividers, the labels to the front of the notebook, and the labels to the inside. You wouldn't think that would take up most of my 7.5 hour day - but it did. And there's still more to do. I just want to go home and sleep. Yesterday I did just that. I pretty much ditched out on activities around the world (a Mary Kay party, Wednesday night Institute, and Frisbee) and watched movies and laid in bed. I just haven't had my head hurt this much in a long time.

It doesn't help that the labels smell horrid. They stunk when I opened the box, they stunk more when I printed them off (the heat of the printer I guess) and they still smell as I pull them from the paper to put them on the notebooks. I hate labels. I probably am developing lung cancer as we speak.

Apparently I get really entertaining when I am stressed because Wanda kept saying I was so funny she kept laughing. I told her I pray every night that I can make her laugh. I think the main problem is I'm not allowed to get over time - so I have to finish more than 8 hours of work in 7.5 hours, several days this week. The worst, I've stayed late and I need to take a long lunch or leave early on Friday and we won't be close to done. Then I have to leave at 5 on Friday. Just give me the overtime...

Anyway, whole point here. I came back from lunch today and I started to apply labels to dividers and I looked into my trashcan and saw this...

Not sure what's going on here? Take a closer look. Ignore the trash from the labels. There - in yellow, red, and black (brown?). A Milk Duds box.

Where the heck did that come from? I didn't eat it. I don't have those in my candy dish on my desk. So what this means is that someone came over while I was at lunch with their own candy, ate the two to three milk duds and dropped their trash in my trash can...the audacity, the inhumanity! The worst part? I'm totally curious as to who it is, but you can't start making phone calls around the office hunting down the perp...people will begin to talk.

Here's hoping to reading your blogs again someday.


Sarie Lou said...


Martha said...

So, um, can you walk around and see who has a candy jar full of Milk Duds on their desk? Or set a trap on your desk and see who comes a'calling!

Isaac said...

There's this problem, I know your quotes but only read your blog like, once a week. So, when one of my all time favorite movies is quoted, I can't get points - because I'm slow on the trigger. It makes me sad. But thanks for the Zoolander shoutout, it makes me happy.


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