Sunday, November 1, 2009

We have to set an example....set this!*

Here are a few pics from our Halloween party last night. We had a lot of fun, but quickly remembered why we don't have many parties in this house. It's set up funny so that it's very crowded when a lot of people are here, and it warms up very quickly. Good news: it was cool outside so we opened windows and doors....bad news, we had to kill some pretty interesting looking bugs. On to the pictures.

First, my costume. If you recall the Pancake Breakfast we had the Mrs. Buttersworth twins (who in our twisted minds will play the twin girls from The Shining in our start/stop animation movie).

I am partially used of course. I also learned that more people instantly think Aunt Jamima when they see a bottle of syrup...for shame.

Anne did an excellent job decorating the house. Mice on the steps (inside), borders around the room, creepy cobwebs, and these luminaries that she made herself!

Anne and I after lighting the luminaries.

Nick and Lisa were Bonnie and Clyde.

Liz was a nest. You wouldn't know it, but this was a last minute costume!

Jaron and Mikey came as Daniel San and Mr. Miyagi (Mikey's costume didn't make a lick of sense before then). Samantha came as Super girl.

Amber was the tell tale heart, her doors opened up and there was a heart in there.
Jessica and Marisa were Dorothy and Toto
Lil' P was Hannah Montana (I thought she was Brittany Spears at first, but I should have known Brittany doesn't dress as modestly).

And the best costume award goes to:
Tiffani! She even did the creepy walk, and notice the eyebrows! Just like in the movie!

I'm way too trusting.
Anne was an owl.
Anne, Evan and I

Doughnuts on a string

Doughnuts on a string gone bad. This is what happens when you cheat.

Doing my civic duty, shooting down the zombie cowboy (Elaina). Gangsta style of course.

Jim and the whoopee cushion (Chris)

Jim wanted to know if I actually tasted like syrup. I do not, but he announced to everyone that I do. Which resulted in Orin licking me later.

That's all I have for the blog. Hope you enjoyed and hope everyone had a good Halloween!


Tini-P said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your party last night! I also enjoyed your costume. I knew I should have licked you! I had the urges to do so but refrained.

Katie H said...

I enjoyed! And miss said parties!

Sarie Lou said...

nice. i like your hat :)


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