Thursday, September 8, 2011

Surprise! He's the Real Hero.*

So, last Saturday we had a hurricane.

The end.

Just kidding! I got up early and cleaned a lot, did laundry
in case the power went out, etc. Forgot to charge my cell phone - but...whatever. Christian kept trying to talk us in to coming over to his house but he didn't have power and we still did, so we hesitated. Finally he talked Kami in to it and then he sent me a text message personally inviting me to his Hurricane Party and asking me to bring Sequence and some cards. So we went, Ryan came too cause he was already going to come over and hang out. So we all go over there and hang out. The boys order pizza and Christian sets up Dr. Mario on the laptop so we can play a few rounds. We played foosball, and Boggle, and then we played Beat Bot on some iPhones and then we pulled out the guitar, harmonica, and shakers and had a little jam fest...pretty much - you could say that we were all suffering from Cabin Fever. Christian got himself all suited up and went out in the storm. It was REALLY windy and rainy but that was about it from our perspective.

Boredom took us out on the streets Saturday night to go over to Erin's place at U of R (she still have power). Then Sunday we went out looking for service opportunities since church was cancelled.

My dad had a chainsaw and a neighbor in need so we went over there. We ran into troubles of course - there were tress down all over (we had the same trouble Saturday night).

Sometimes the trees looked like shadows across the road as we were driving up on them. Luckily, Kami was driving and she has better eyes.
The boys got out and checked out the tree while Kami and I yelled at them not to get too close to the wires.

This is Matt by the roots.

My dad's neighbor loved that we had come to help. We used chainsaws and bare hands and ripped that tree apart! He was laughing and asked if we were beavers or something. It was a lot of fun and super messy, we were covered in sap.

Here's the tree that was blocking our road for a while - this is after they cleaned it up a bit though.

We lost power for a couple of days. We hung in there and hoped for the best as far as the food was concerned - but Tuesday afternoon I went home during my lunch break and dumped everything. It SMELLED! The meat was bad and leaking and who knows what happened in the fridge. But I wiped it all down and it was as good as new.

Just in time for the power to come back on Tuesday afternoon...


Joanna & Ben said...

Good times, good times...sigh

The Ottley's said...

So glad you are okay! Scary stuff! Glad we don't have to worry about that over here on this side of the world! :)


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