Saturday, September 24, 2011

You know what I've discovered about your daddy? He likes to eat cookies in bed. *

I want to blog again - I feel I have neglected it. So two things -

1) Brad Pitt is the Robert Redford of his generation.
2) I have stolen an idea from another blog. Vanessa stole it first! She is using it to get back to blogging and so I will too.

So I guess you guys luck out and get to learn all about me. So here it goes - 10 secrets...that won't be secrets once this blog is posted.

I have a giant notebook of pathetic poetry I wrote all through middle school and high school. I cringe when I read most of it but can't bear to toss it.

I used to have a picture of Jason Priestley on my ceiling so I could see his dreamy face every night before I went to bed.
When I am alone in the car I sing as loudly as I can. In the summers - when my windows are down - I will roll them up at stoplights so people nearby can't hear me.

I used to day dream about being interviewed as a famous actress (despite the fact that I can't act and I hated being up in front of people).

I secretly love being up in front of people.

I think I subconsciously hold myself back - I have been calling it 'procrastination' for years. But I think that I am too afraid of being rejected to really put myself out there (career, publishing, etc.)

I don't like to feel stupid and I resent people who do/say things to make me feel that way.

Despite the fact that I don't eat chocolate and it doesn't tempt me - I love the smell of chocolate.

I run races (5k, 10k, 8k, half marathons) so that I can get a shirt, a bib, and breakfast afterwards.

When I am sitting next to a guy (any guy will do) and he leans forward, I have a strong desire to just scratch his back...but I refrain since he might get the wrong idea and it's probably socially unacceptable.


J, K and L said...

i think #s 8 & 9 made me love you just a little bit more than i already do...

Martha said...

I roll up my windows, too. I keep telling myself my baby loves the sound of my voice, but sometimes, I stop singing because I don't want to embarrass her.

Vanessa said...

Yay for doing the challenge!

First. No chocolate. Say what?! This makes me sad. Though, more for me I guess!

I sing loudly in the car. Even more loudly when it is nice out & my windows are down. I have no shame.

As for the poetry, I have some of that too. Along with numerous journals I tried to write. I cringe when I read that stuff but I can't get rid of them either.


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