Saturday, April 20, 2013

And the beast was grateful!*

Congratulations to Kat for getting the blog bucks from the last post.  This actually bumped her up to 9th place!

Back in January, when a few of us went out for my birthday, Nickapedia and I decided to go to Pennsylvania some time to take a marshmallow tour.  So when we ended up grabbing dinner a few weeks ago he said we should just get in the car and go.  We looked up the factory to see what time their tours were and that's when we discovered that the marshmallow company that had the tours was gone.  They closed up shop some time in 2011 but had finally updated their website.  Nickapedia and I were heartbroken of course, we had wanted to know how marshmallows were made.  But then we decided to look up a recipe and try it out for ourselves.  We made a few stops along the way back to his house to get the supplies we needed and then we got to work.

We had to whip this for 15 minutes!

 It took FOREVER! Nickapedia, Christian, and I decided that the marshmallows had to be about 120 times better than regular marshmallows to entice us to make them again.  They had to sit overnight, so Sunday I went back and the boys tried to tell me that these were them...

 Nice try.

The visual comparison

They were still a little too moist so we left them a little longer.  Then, one night I was over there and we started a fire and roasted them.

They are definitely good - but they weird me out a little because I'm so used to other kinds of marshmallows.  They were very vanilla-y.  Despite the time it took and everything, I'm glad we did it.


The Hudsons said...

The Sandlot and I'm super proud of you for making marshmellows...thats alot of work!

AuntKatween said...

Beauty and the Beast? IDK. Would that have been to obvious lol.


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