Friday, April 26, 2013

Darling, you're exposed!*

Congratulations to Murbatron for getting the last blog bucks!

Color Me Rad was last weekend.  This year I got Kat, Luke, and Dan to join me.

It was chilly, so we walked around checking things out beforehand.  They had free Zumba going down and picture opportunities for everyone.

There were almost 10,000 runners this time.  I have no idea how many people were there last year, but I feel like this was a big deal for them since they kept bringing it up. 

The race didn't seem as fun as last year and I don't know if it's because they had fewer volunteers to color us, a different course, or all the extra yellow dye (aka pollen - the slow and silent killer).  Don't get me wrong, it was still fun and I'm glad I got to run it with Kat. Besides, the really fun part is right after the race when you go crazy and color bomb your friends.

The official pace car

I knew I wanted to take my camera....really glad I had a case

Afterwards was breakfast at Boychiks. 

This picture should be at the top - but Blogger has this really annoying things about when you put a picture in the post and try to move it - yeah blogger....I hope you do read this.

Doing her best Left Eye (TLC)


Vanessa said...

These color runs are all over bloggy land. They look like so much fun, to be covered in all that color. Though I heard it takes awhile for all the color to go away! 8)

AuntKatween said...

Intolerable cruelty

AuntKatween said...

we had so much fun running with you!!!


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