Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Did you just cross off my name? That seems premature.*

We are supposedly getting a lot of snow in the next day or two.  Don't get me wrong, we've gotten snow in the past but it just hasn't been a whole lot.  Not as much as they predict at least.  A few weeks ago we were supposed to get a lot and it was supposed to start around lunch time.  My boss told me that she was going in to a meeting but that if it started I shouldn't just sit and wonder if I should go, I should just go.

It started to snow around lunch time and I found myself staring out the window wondering if it would continue to come down in these large flakes or if maybe it would stop.  Then I realized I was doing exactly what my boss told me not to do - I sat wondering if I should go or not.  So I packed up my stuff, sent her an email letting her know I was leaving and left.

Not even an hour later I found myself looking out a window at a snowless sky. All evidence of the earlier "snow storm" had disappeared.  So I sent my boss a text and told her I was coming back.

Granted, it began to snow that night, but it really wasn't all that much, at least not in my area.  So since then I have been a little bitter and cynical.  I just want a good snow storm, one where I don't lose power but I can curl up in front of a space heater and watch some period piece movies. 

I digress - so they predict a pretty intense snow storm starting tomorrow.  People are talking about whether or not we will have work on Thursday and I am of course, cynical about it.  But that's mostly to not get my hopes up.  Anyway - funny story.

This lady was talking to my coworker and I about the snow and she said, "As long as I have dog food I have plenty to eat".  This struck me as odd and maybe a little sad but no one else seemed to notice, so before she walked away I asked her to clarify this sentence.  I'm happy to report that she meant for there to be a pause, she just wants to make sure she has dog food, because SHE has plenty to eat....so her dogs would just need something.  MUCH better!  I was getting ready to take her to the store and get her some food.

The other thing making me smile today - on Sunday I did some photography homework, one assignment was to take a panning shot.  Where you photograph an object that is moving quickly so they are clear and the background is blurry.  I had to take the shot a few times to get a good one and my niece would only do one before she turned all prima donna on us so my wonderful, agile, fun loving older sister stepped in and let me take the shot over and over.  Here's the winner:

Hope it made you smile too.

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G Sauce said...

All I wanted was to see that picture! It's hysterical!


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