Friday, December 12, 2014

Every Couple Has Secrets

I have a confession...

I hide food from my husband.  Lemme esplain. 

I have a great love for the Little Debbie Christmas trees.

I mean, look at them.  I’m salivating at the thought.

I bought a box at the store on Monday and when I got home I hid them.  Part of it was shame, I didn’t want Chewy knowing I’d given in to my sweet tooth but I have to admit a bigger part of me worried he would eat them…

This morning he went into the cupboard where they were hidden - looking for the backup peanut butter.  I watched in horror as he bent down to look at the lower shelf where I keep the backup food.  If I had realized the other pb was low I would have picked a different shelf for my hidden treasure. 

Then he saw the box.  “What’s this!” he said as he pulled them out of the cupboard.  At this moment he realizes it’s open and most of the trees are gone. “And it’s mostly empty!”

I don’t know what I said at this point, I don’t do well when caught so I might have said, “uh, um, hmmmm.” But eventually, “I love them!” or something similar came out of my mouth.

Chewy explained how it hurts his feelings when I hide food from him (yes, this isn’t the first time; I’ve also hidden Archway Iced Oatmeal cookies from him…more than once.  I've even had to hid rice krispies from him, not the treat, just the cereal).  So I picked that moment to confess that there was a can of Pringles hidden by my side of the bed.  You may find this shocking…but he wasn’t happy about that either.

So I tried to explain myself.  I don’t know what order the excuses came out but they included:

It’s an old habit from childhood where I had to hide the good stuff or it’d be gone (there are some roommates who can attest to the fact that this is a long standing habit of mine).

I explained how I offer other things in their stead (said while picking up a container of cookies I openly shared with Chewy to prove my point).  He’ll come home from work and I’ll open the “snack” cupboard and show him all the things I bought for HIM to eat (and then I don’t mention my personal snacks hidden safely around the house).

He told me I don’t have to hide the food, he wouldn’t eat it.  That brought up the list of things that were mine that he’s eaten…and only since I got pregnant.
1) It started with the Ginger Ale.  He’s a big ginger ale fan, I personally feel sick when I drink it because my parents gave it to me AFTER I’d thrown up.  So I was fine with him drinking it.
2) Then it was the sprite he bought me as a backup for the ginger ale. Again, I wasn’t really drinking them so I didn’t care.
3) Then he dug in to my peppermint ice cream.  This I DID care about, but I also bought multiple containers when I went to the store.  So after instinctively being upset I told him I would share with him.
4) And lastly, the Gatorade.  I’d been drinking Gatorade since October 29th (yes, I remember the date) when I had to stay home from work and did nothing but throw up all. Day. Long.  I even bought him red Gatorade so he’d leave my blue stuff alone…but it didn’t stop him.

I think he got the point…but I’ll try to stop hiding my food – as soon as Christmas is over.


The Hudsons said...

This makes me laugh so hard I'm crying a little. I have first hand and will be your witness if he needs proof that it isn't a new thing. Mostly, I'm laughing though because I'm pretty sure you never hid things from me and instead I got to partake in many of the treats...haha I win.

Jessica Rowland said...

Nothing like adding salt to his wound, huh? :P


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