Friday, July 22, 2011

Run home, Jack!*

This week at kickball I actually made it around all the bases...twice!

It makes up for the fact that my very first kick was my worst ever. I wanted to kick it in a straight line, right down the middle, but what I got was the ball hitting the top right of my foot and going to the beefcake who was on first. (Who's on first?)*

So I started the game not too sure of myself. Then everyone on my team started to get really good kicks and I was thinking, "Yeah, um, no pressure or anything." So I went up to kick, the ball came rolling towards me. Now, there are orange lines on the ground indicating the kick zone, you can kick if the ball doesn't come between those lines, but if you don't it's a ball. So the first one comes to the right and it is not between the orange lines, it's close though, it's kissing the orange line, but not in the orange line. I look at the ref, the ref looks at me and he calls a strike and I smiled and was like, "From where you're standing, come over here and you would have seen it was out." He just smiled and I determined that no matter what, I would kick the next one.

And I did. I made it to first, then the person kicking after me got it so I ran to 2nd, then with my team yelling to keep going, I went for 3rd, where I stayed for a little while but then I got to go for the orange home plate. I can't say I had gotten to do that before so I was pretty excited.

After kickball I went to Byrd park to play some frisbee. I was kind of tired and while it had cooled off greatly, it was still humid. I ran down the field once and my arms were covered in sweat, no bueno.

Around 9:30 or so three dudes on motorcycles show up and start parking their bikes. I started to joke around that the motorcycle gang wanted to join our game, but they didn't, rather they seemed to multiply and before we knew it there were about 20-25 people headed towards the little baseball diamond next to the field where we play. Guess what they were playing??


Apparently kickball is more popular than I realized, even motorcycle gangs play...they should put that on the shirts. Anyway, so we keep playing, not really paying attention to the giant kickball game taking place next door. When we stopped playing we were all hanging around the bench drinking water and talking and I couldn't help but look at the kickballers, there was no light on that field (cause only authorized Little league baseball teams are supposed to play there) so they were borrowing the tennis court lights, like we do. This gave them a faraway look, made it easier to forget that they were there. I say something about it to one of the guys, Ryan, and he was confused for a bit and I said, "You see them don't you?" and suddenly I felt like I was in Field of Dreams. Ryan picks up on this right away and we start making Field of Dreams references. I called out (but not really cause I didn't want them to hear me) if there was a doctor, and then I pointed to one of the girls, "she's choking on a hot dog". It was fun, I love pretending I'm in a movie.

Then I looked out at the kickballers, cupped my hand to my mouth and said, "Run home, Jack!" and Ryan said, "No, no, no! They've got it backwards!"

"He's stealing second!" *bang*

Oops, short circuited on the movie madness.


The Ottley's said...

Hook! Again! I know that one!!

The Harrison Crew said...

dude. kickball is serious. i had a friend in grad school who was on a semi-pro team or something. i didn't even know there were semi-pro teams (which means there must be a pro kickball league somewhere...)

Marissa said...

* Who's on First by Abbott and Costello :)

G Sauce said...

Hook, Hook, where's the Hook!


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