Friday, July 8, 2011

Conversation in the Park

Last night we played some Frisbee at Byrd part. There is this homeless guy who rides his bike up sometimes and watches us play. Last night he showed up and we were finishing and some of us were just throwing the Frisbee back and forth. He called out to one of the guys to throw the Frisbee to him, so the guy did. Then the homeless guy threw the Frisbee back and I have to admit, I was very surprised by how well he threw! It was perfect! Now I get why he comes to watch us, this guy must have played before. Anyway, more and more people started to leave so we stopped throwing the Frisbee. I walked over to the bench to get my stuff and say goodbye to the few remaining people and then the homeless guy calls out and this conversation followed:

Homeless Guy: Cheat-toes and milk!
No one says anything
Homeless Guy: Cheat-toes and milk, some people say that's a funny combination.
Me: Well...they're both dairy, kinda, right?
Homeless Guy: That's right. (something-something) Scary and mean, (something-something) God and Jesus.
Me: What was that?
Homeless Guy: Sometimes God and Jesus can be that way, scary and mean.
Me: Oh, like Cheetos and Milk?
Homeless Guy: Exactly.

...I'm still not really sure what that was about, but I feel like he understood.

1 comment:

AuntKatween said...

Yeah, I think you guys were on the same page:)


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