Monday, January 16, 2012

Ew, dandelion, must be the last one of the season.*

Okay - this one is older - I was worried I would have gone on another hike before I posted about the last one of the season.

We decided to get one more hike in for the season - so before people began leaving for Christmas, we went to Old Rag one more time. I apologize in advance - at this time I couldn't find my camera so my pictures were taken with my phone (so that means they might not be good AND there won't be many).

Stephanie and Renee trying to keep warm in the parking lot while we waited for the others to arrive.
Zach - doing the "fearless leader" pose. He was like this until he ripped that shirt on a rock - then he became a big baby and kept lamenting the shirt.

Ben led us off with I think. He called this the Tree Stump

Then we stopped at one point to replenish our calories and we had a touching moment with the gnome - Renee is singing in the background - I hope you can hear it.

Old Rag may be a hard hike at times (especially the rock climbing when your fingers are frozen and you don't have gloves...) but it is by far my favorite!

It was so cold that we found thick sheets of ice at the top. I don't know if you can tell, but Renee and Stephanie are holding it up in front of them.

And just in case you couldn't see it - they are now attempting to eat it.

Ben was being a dare devil and jumping from this one rock that made most of us nervous - unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice - he just looks like he is stepping off it.

I think the weather and my schedule (and my new found fatigue) will keep me from hiking in the spring - but I do hope to return to it soon!


The Ottley's said...

Oh pick me!! Ice Age!!

Joanna & Ben said...

first off, I hope that you start to feel better so you can go hiking again.
Second-Ice Age


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