Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You're mocking me, arent' you?*

Since we can no longer play frisbee on Wednesday nights (the only field we knew of with lights got torn up and they are making it into a baby baseball diamond - what a waste of resources) we have been playing soccer on Saturday mornings.

We like to go to Bryan Park - even though there is a little problem with it. you see it? The fields are "closed" we're not supposed to be on them. But as you can also see from the picture - that doesn't really stop us.

Our team moms, Brittany and Vivienne, making us snacks. Pictured in the back are Elder Pounder and Elder Wardenberg (sp?)

I'll tell you what does stop us though - Parks and Recreation. They came by for a routine visit (aka to make sure the signs were still standing) and that's when we had to quit playing.

Here's Eric, Kami and Jesse as we are trying to figure out where else we could play (where we could play that was close by).

There was a school not too far down the way so we went there - not as nice - but it would do.

I don't really play soccer - but I had a lot of fun, I stick to defense cause I feel like I'm better at stopping people than actually making goals (this is for most sports by the way). One of the Eric's asked me if I played soccer in high school and I laughed and asked him if he was picking on me, he said 'no', apparently my defense is good. ...or he's never really played either. It's a toss up*.


The Ottley's said...

Toy story!

Joanna & Ben said...

Toy Story! I'm sorry you're running out of places to play. What's up with that?


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