Sunday, January 1, 2012

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.*

Here they are

The 2012

Nothing too special this year, I think I may have over done it last year with a 1/2 marathon and 50 books. But this is what I have. I have set another theme for myself, after having basically failed last year's. I have set some goals for 2012 that will help me to refocus and to reach that theme. The theme for 2012 is Come Ye to the Waters: The Time Has Come to be With the Master. In Lildonbro speak it's, "Seriously work on your theme and build your relationship with God: Time to get your butt in gear, no more procrastinating." I also have "regular" goals in there too.

  1. Turn in my first story to a publishing agent by the end of April - rejection or no rejection

  2. Continue to work on budget and reducing debt. I'd like to stop buying random things as they come to mind (a particular book, new pillows, etc. Sometimes a "need" can wait until the budget permits).

  3. Buy a couch - Okay, okay, I'm really reaching here...but my guests get sucked into the couch I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for (the couch that came with the free house). I have been putting away a little money here and there for a couch and if I don't make it a goal or hold myself accountable I may never do it. Wait - I'm going to change the name of this goal to Home Improvement, because I also want to paint the house, finish the fence, and kill all the spiders (in all the world...too ambitious?)

  4. Simplify - This one goes for two senses of the word. One - I have too much junk, I am determine to downsize my surplus. Two - to go along with the goals below, I want to simplify my life, cut out the fat, trim down to the things that matter most.

Follow through on my 2012 Theme by doing the following:

  1. Draw closer to my Heavenly Father, build a deep and rich testimony of who he is and who I am by studying my scriptures regularly (ahem - daily)

  2. Participate in more service by being more faithful and diligent in my callings, by seeking out someone who is sitting alone, by being a friend to those who need a friend, and by seeking out opportunities to serve the community.

  3. Bearing my testimony at least four times a year in Sacrament Meeting (you don't understand, this scares me to death).

  4. Going to the temple at least once a month, beginning in January - no exceptions.

  5. Prioritizing all of my wants and needs to find those things that will be of most benefit to me not necessarily now, but things that may be of benefit in the future, such as building and sustaining good habits such as: Daily scripture study and prayer, FHE (either with the ward or on my own), praying over all meals (even if alone), eating meals at the table instead of in my room or in front of a movie (I don't want to develop a bad habit, I would want my kids to sit at the dinner table, not eat in front of a movie).

  6. Avoid gossip - it can spring up out of nowhere so watch how you are talking about others. If it feels mean spirited or has no purpose to help that person, don't say it.

There you have it. My goals this year seem so different to me than in years past. There aren't too many where I can check them off in the beginning of the year and be done, most of them are things I'll be working on for most of my life, but I feel it's time for me to begin to focus on these things. I feel I have neglected them this past year. What are some of your goals for the new year?


Anonymous said...

LOTR:FOTR! Need I translate?

Hugely Important Goal for 2012: pass Murbatron in Blog Bucks. (He's currently double my score. I feel it's only right.) :)


Joanna & Ben said...

you had a free house????


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