Saturday, December 31, 2011

I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling around in your wide-open trap.*

Earlier this month I got an e-mail from Goodreads basically letting me know that I shouldn't feel bad if I don't reach my goal in time, I would be in good company. Here are the facts: Goodreads members set a collective goal of reading 10 million books in 2011. As of December 7th, 4 million books had been read! If Goodreads Members were just one person that person would have only accomplished 40% of his/her goal...that's unacceptable. I'm proud to present to you the facts of this Goodreads Member as follows:

January - 4

February - 3

March - 4

April - 5

May - 4

June - 3

July - 5

August - 3

September - 1

October - 7

November - 5

December - 6

Grand Total - 50!

Goodreads will now give me a special badge for my profile - that's exciting and a bonus to the goal.

The books are in reverse order (the first book is the last I read), not that you care, but I needed to get that off my chest.

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

The second book to be re-read (can you tell I'm getting ready for the movie?) I worried at first that I wouldn't be able to do it, but it turns out that I have my facts mixed up over what happened in which book, which made it easier for me to read it again...still good.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
My mom bought me this for Christmas and it was pretty short so of course it got thrown into the mix as I came down to the wire. I read this Christmas Eve and as I read I couldn't help but picture Gonzo in a top hat and Michael Caine.
Seriously...I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres
I really liked this book at first. This is the latest of three books and I've never read the other two so I don't know if she rambles this much in the others but it got to be too much for me. I got frustrated on one chapter where she talked for a couple of pages about what she was going to write but never really got to it. I can understand doing that for humor but I began to feel like the last half of the book was like that, like she was trying to double the size but had no idea what to write.
An Overdose of Death by Agatha Christie
I am liking this Agatha Christie. I like the twist in the stories. With both that I have read I have gotten the ending partially correct, but had ended up doubting myself. This one, I had the general idea but would never have guessed the way it turned out.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I believe that this is the very first book that I have reread! Normally, I remember too much and can't reread a least, I haven't tried very often because the few times I have I can't motivate myself to finish because I know what's coming. But the movie is coming out...and I know I shouldn't go see it cause I'll probably just be annoyed with it...but I can't help myself. I first read this book back in 2009 (thanks Goodreads for keeping track of that) and while I remember most of the story, there were little things I had forgotten. Not to mention, there were parts of the story where I couldn't remember if it came from this book or was in one of the other two. I still think it's good.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

I really enjoyed this book. I heard from several people that it was a quick read and well written, so I gave it a shot. I wasn't disappointed. The book is told from the perspective of three different characters and I love how Stockett goes back and forth between the three. A few days after I finished the book, Ryan and I went to see the movie at the Byrd...I had been told it stayed pretty close to the book, and that may be true, but I was still upset at the changes that they made and I actually did not enjoy the movie at all. The characters felt very shallow, which is sad because they are so rich in the novel. I am beginning to think I just shouldn't see movies after reading the books...

...It's Over!*


J, K and L said...

*Miss Congeniality (was on tv today - awesome). *Teen Girl Squad?

You are my book-reading hero(ine). Still haven't read nor seen The Help. Have checked it out from the library now a total of 3 times, only to take it back because I hadn't read it by the due date. (I tend to reserve books & then they all come in at the same time...)

G Sauce said...


Sarah said...

I just reread the first and second hunger games books myself! Now to find a day in which to read the third :)


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