Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've lost my marbles*

I might have a problem. I put up my Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving and I got to see all of my penguins.

Except - that wasn't all of them, there were also the ones at work that I had forgotten about. Plus, Wanda just gave me the fat penguin on skis...isn't he the cutest little fat penguin ever!?

Not to mention that since then Kathryn has given me a set of penguin salt and pepper shakers and I now have a penguin stocking. (Oh and four penguin cups that match the penguins below and four penguin plates that match the blue penguin set above).

In fact, we all got new stockings. In order from left to right: Kami, me, Lisa, and Ryan.
Happy Holidays.


Joanna & Ben said...

I love your penguins...Jake still asks about the penguin pillow pet we got you last year. He's still trying for his own.

Anonymous said...

Hook! Hook! Hook! *curved finger in air*


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