Friday, December 16, 2011

Does syrup have sugar in it?*

Today I called a girl to follow up on a fax that she requested. I had sent it that morning and just wanted to make sure that it went through. She said the faxes don't come directly to her, but she's sure it made it alright and then she said, "I appreciate you." I waited a minute cause I thought she would finish with, "for following up" or "for faxing that over" but instead we both set for an incredibly long three seconds of silence. Then I said, "Ok, well, thank you." Then we said our goodbyes.

All day I have been randomly repeating that in my head and it makes me smile/chuckle a little.

So - to everyone who reads this...I appreciate you.


J, K and L said...

*elf. ("does syrup have sugar in it? yes. then, YES!")

i love it when people are randomly nice like that.

merry christmas, j. i sure appreciate you (okay, you & all the female donbro types too.). :)

Amber Lanae- said...

I appreciate you.

Martha said...

I can do better. I appreciate.


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