Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I believe he said his name was Millicent Bystander. *

Pictures from the Mud Run last Friday.  The Mud Run was a 5k around Brown's Island, it was mostly trail running, but it was also mostly walking because for much of it we were single file.  We had to jump into the river with about a mile left and then run with soggy shoes and wet pants (apparently in the past they had a rock scramble but the water was too high this yea)  At the end you have to crawl through a pit of mud.

Did it in 40 minutes - which I think is good considering the walking and the obstacles (note to readers - you can't run when you're waist high in water...I tried).

Also, the Mud Run starts a weekend of festivities down there.  So there were dogs jumping into a pool competing for distance and these sky divers...all before the race even began.


After the run...


We went to the washing station and people were lining up and getting sprayed down with a hose.  We opted to just walk down to the river and wash off.  I took a step too far and ended up in water up to my chest - that would have drowned poor Kathryn! (JK Kat)

We washed off and then sat on rocks to change our shoes and socks.

My did not make the return trip home (or even the trip to the car, there was no saving those)

For comparison's sake (p.s. those hairy legs are not mine!)

As we were leaving I ran in to Christian, Erin, and Kami.  Kami thought it was great because she said as they were walking down to Brown's Island that she hoped she'd see me and then she did! (It's less likely than you'd think). 
I had a lot of fun and to be honest it didn't even feel like a race (cause of all the walking) and I am going to do it again next year!

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