Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did you see all the license plates out in the parking lot? Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey... I'm all by myself out there.*


 First stop - the PEZ Factory

As you can see - they have A LOT of PEZ dispensers. We paid $5 to get in, then we walked around and viewed all the old school pez dispensers, took a quiz about pez, and got a bucket of pez, and got free baby pez from the cashier (and $2 off!).  It didn't have a tour showing how they were made though (like Jelly Belly in California did), but it was alright.

 After PEZ we headed over to Yale (and my hair was straight when I left the house but cause it was a misty day it curled :(
Bulldogs! This is a real dead dog.
I dared Kami to stand on this cool fountain

Yale kids do graffiti in chalk

On the way to the hotel, Kami fell asleep on her Yale Bookstore bag...she woke up and had blue all over her face and hands.
We ended the day's adventures at Friendly's - which yes, we have them in VA but Kami hadn't been before and we had been talking about the ice cream...and it smelled better than the ones in Richmond.

And that's Connecticut and the end of Day 1.

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Lacee said...

That is one HUGE sundae. P.S.- I keep thinking that I'm a lot closer to VA now that I'm in WI. But, really, it would take me almost as long to get there, as it did to get from UT to here. :(


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