Friday, June 1, 2012

I do not think it means what you think it means.*

Day 2 started with the world's smallest waffle.  Have I mentioned before that I love breakfast food?  Next to breakfast food, I love continental breakfast! Yum to the 'O'.  I couldn't seem to get enough of it here, somewhere between Connecticut and Vermont (in all honesty, I have no idea what state we spent the night in...I'm sure Gsauce will fill us in in the comments section).

Snagged a baby Tabasco sauce for my brother-in-law, Ben

What I do remember is that we ended up in Vermont and headed to the home of Abraham Lincoln, clear across the state. We hopped in the rental car for Day 2 of our adventure (of which I documented).  Still happy, smiling people.

We walked into the little giftshop there and the first thing I noticed were the bees...

On our way out of this quaint town we stopped off at a Hallmark to see if they had some tourist paraphernalia...they had that and so much more.

I love the confused look - props to the stuffed animal designer who chose to go with that.

 We passed the Vermont Country story on the way out and we saw the Kissing Bridge so when we passed it on the way out we decided to stop in.

Just waiting for the guy to show up.

To top off Vermont (I think) we got pulled over.  We got off with a warning.


Sarah said...

Princess Bride! Woot woot!
I like how you took a picture with the bees, but stayed as far away as you could and still be in the picture. :)
Kissing bridge, awesome.

G Sauce said...

Vermont is where we stayed that night. Also I liked that my ipad is the backdrop to your sauce and cereal.

Anonymous said...

The Princess Bride!!!

Anonymous said...

What mansion house is that, btw?


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