Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If you love me enough to sell your tickets, I love you enough not to let you. *

Day two of Boston:

It was more like what I knew of Boston, it was mostly the things I've seen before except it was Memorial Day so it was more crowded and it was warm instead of freezing cold.  We had continental breakfast so we didn't hunt down the pink breakfast diner from last time. 

We mastered the T (aka metro, subway, etc.)

We went to Harvard:

 Then we did the Freedom Trail.  Cheers, Boston Common, etc.

Then we went to the um, Prudential building(?? A very tall building in Boston) and went to the top floor to "eat" - mostly we went to see the view. 

Fenway Park from 52 stories up

There are lighthouses on the bridge :) they aren't real ones...

I grabbed a grilled cheese and we may our way back to the hotel to our luggage (which they kindly held for us even though we checked out) and then it was back to the airport and Virginia!

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