Monday, June 25, 2012

Drama, drama, drama*

I always seem to come up with book titles, but have no IDEA what to put inside of it!

A few months ago I started to write my autobiography, Still in the Room: the life story of the sixth child.  I lost interest in that.  I'm not big on writing about myself.  In fact, in all of my English classes, I did the worst with writing anything that I wasn't allowed to stretch the truth on.  I hated writing about myself, and the runner up was writing about people I knew.  I felt too sappy, too sentimental, and then there was the  worry that I remembered things wrong. 

My point - if there is such a thing when I'm writing - is that I came up with another title a few weeks ago.  The Black and White Rainbow.  Sounds deep, no?  It could be about anything.  I pitched the title to two women at work and one immediately went off on how it could be about politics in our country and....that's where I stopped understanding where she was going with it.  But I think it could be about whatever the reader thinks it is about.  Everything could be a super deep metaphor for something else.  Because what else would a black and white rainbow be but a metaphor for anything and everything?  The back would not have a synopsis, it would simply say, "Yes, this book is about that! Buy it now!".  Colbert can do something like that, so can I. 

Other possible titles include:

Don't Eat My Cheese (a book about roommates)
Growing up Donbro (used to be my autobiography title until Still in the Room came to mind)
Anyway - I have the same problem with blogs.  My blogs include:

*Bottom of the Barrel - a blog on dating
*Come Ye to the Waters - my more spiritual blog (title changes every year to go with the theme)
*The Steno Pad - writing blog that I never update anymore
*Stalking Jimothy - memoirs of two stalkers (Elaina and I co write this one - but since Jim, Elaina and are all spread out...this one doesn't get written in much anymore).

I guess I like coming up with titles...also, I feel like my main blog is random enough.  But lately I've been wondering if I should streamline them.  Would it make my life easier? Would I lose readers if I went off on spiritual diatribes or dating theories?  Do I write too much - or too little?

I'll be honest, about a month ago I was about ready to throw in the towel and just stop blogging.  I had no desire whatsoever to do it.  I know now that I may have been in a self-induced depressive state.  I've since come out of that state and all I want to do is now I am back to how I can make my blog better - cause I am going to be honest with all of you who have made it through to this line in the post - I want to be a well known blogger.  Does one get there by giving themselves a nickname and a cartoon profile picture?  I know some people have a topic - they have an incurable disease (I can't compete with that - but I AM a hypochondriac), they dress up in costume and wave to their kid's bus every morning for six years and blog each costume, there's the snarky mom blog network (again, can't compete), there are crafty, home improvement, etc.

I don't have any of that....or maybe I have a little bit of some of those. 

Anyway - so I'm reaching out to anyone who still reads this -

  1. Should I go ahead and just merge all my blogs and you just deal with some posts not having blog bucks and being about dating and spiritual stuff or should I keep them separate so if you don't want to bother with stuff you don't have to read it?
  2. Do you know of a blogging niche I could fit in to?? I need to feel a part of something.
That's all folks.*


G Sauce said...

Do whatever you want to do.

Vanessa said...

Wow, those are a lot of blogs to keep up with! I have trouble writing for one. I say why not combine them together. I am a firm believer in writing whatever you want to write. 8) A blog is suppose to be whatever the writer/author wants it to be. I look forward to reading about dating theories and your thoughts on God! 8)

Lady Em said...

Why can't you stretch the truth on your autobiography? Make it obvious that you're stretching the truth and I don't see a problem with it. A partially fictional autobiography. btw, go ahead and combine blogs...I think we'd all be interested in everything that you have to talk about rather than just one subject at a time.


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