Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wow, that was just like "Carrie"! I thought she was gonna kill us all.*

(Blogger - being a pain again so if any of the pictures don't seem to be where they make's because when I tried to move them they somehow merged with other pictures and I couldn't get them where I wanted them :( boo hiss)


I already liked Maine because that is where Stephen King is from (and if you didn't know, I really admire Stephen King - though I've only read one of his books and it was the On Writing one...hmm...) anyway.  We crossed the line between New Hampshire and Maine to 1) say we were there and 2) get lobster.

Lobster? What? You're right...I ordered chicken fingers.  But G and K to the Ami both got lobsters.

Here's how it went (and this is the second time cause as you recall, we went to Maine and then back to New Hampshire and then back to Maine - because gas is so cheap right now we figured why not?!).  We just went a few miles in though. We parked the car (more successfully than the first time) and the worker helping direct parking remembered us and welcomed us back.  We went down the stairs to the dock/eating area and into the lobster room.  To the left the lobsters were chilling in the dull looking habitation and people in front of us were placing their orders.

The cashier would go pick up a lobster and toss it in a bucket on a scale.  Then he tagged the lobster and put the bucket in front of the scale...sometimes on top of another bucket with a lobster inside.  It was kind of the saddest thing in the world for me (at that moment - being self centered kind of prevents a lobster being the saddest thing in the world for me for forever).

They go in this murky grey color and come out looking like this...
Look how sad it is!! It still has it's eyes!  I had decided before we even entered Maine that I would try a bit of lobster, but I have to be honest, my nerve faltered after seeing the before and after.  It was almost like the feeling I had when I attended my first wake - which, in case you weren't sure, creeped me out!

Kami is a good sport and she let me take a bunch of pictures (and even a video) of the process. (the lady in the pink shirt is Anne - this picture should have been closer to the end).

We've got this!

I like how before the lobsters came out they brought all the equipment.  Kami decided to get ready right away.  She donned her bib, kraken, and baby trident (all technical terms of course). 

And then the little guy came out all red and cooked.

For the record, this is the closest I've ever been to a lobster

Dig in...

It was actually a pretty dangerous experience!  I had G to my right and Kami in front of me and they were both trying as best they could to rip the lobster apart with their tools and little lobster bits were going everywhere.  I was ducking and dodging sea food chunks through my whole meal...

Then the moment of truth came - it was time for me to try some lobster.  I had said I would do it and darn it, I intended to follow through on my threat!

Kami gave me a little chunk of lobster and I dipped it in the butter, took a deep breath, and popped it into my mouth.  Once inside, I had to will myself to chew.  I couldn't tell you what lobster taste like - I have no clue.  What I remember is the texture and it. was. disgusting!  This girl here - NOT a lobster fan.  I swallowed and then I'm pretty sure I quickly ate something else to try and erase the memory - but it's too late - I'm scared.

I'm glad I ate it when I did though, because a few minutes later, as Kami was working on hers, this green/grey stuff popped out and she yelled, "poop!"  Seriously, right there, she yelled it a second time though I don't remember why.  She lost her appetite after that, even after seeing that G's had the same thing so it was normal.  The Kamism of the trip, "I don't think anything related to bowels should ever be eaten."

Then Anne, one of the workers there, came over to ask how everything was.  I told her it was good but that I think my roommate was a little scarred.  Anne offered to pull the meat from the lobster for Kami and put it in a baggie.  Which she did, then she let us know that it would be really good if she got just enough mayonnaise to hold it together and then added lots of celery salt and lemon.  So there you go, a lobster secret from Maine (for those of you who enjoy that kind of nastiness). 

Anyway - here's a video of how hard it can be to actually get some meat from a lobster - this food really makes you work for it.


Lacee said...

I'm not a fan of lobster either. It doesn't taste like anything, just what you dip it in. So, I guess if you like eating plain, melted butter, then you'd like lobster!

Anonymous said...

lol kraken and baby trident.

Sarah said...

I don't eat lobster either! I don't like to see where my food comes from. Too close to the real animal. Same reason I don't eat chicken off the bone. Ewe.

Sarah said...

and that quote is from Never Been Kissed :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

correction - I have read two books from Stephen King


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