Thursday, June 14, 2012

I find that smuggling is the life for me, and would be delighted tokill your friend the maggot!*

So in case you missed it, I went to six states in basically two days.

  • Boston (Friday - we flew in there)
  • Rhode Island (Friday)
  • Connecticut (Friday)
  • Vermont (Saturday)
  • New Hampshire (Saturday)
  • Maine (Saturday)
  • Boston (Sunday and Monday - and Friday morning)

Kami and I both went collecting things.  I was collecting shot glasses for the work collection

 and Kami was collecting stickers from each state (sometimes a few from each) for a water bottle.

I had all of my shot glasses before we even got to Boston - since I had been to Boston before (didn't stop me from grabbing a Red Sox glass).  Here's the final lineup.

All-in-all I think it was a great trip.  Props to G-Sauce for orchestrating it all.  G wrote blog posts about the trip too - hers included more about tips for travelers whereas mine just told you how crazy things were (cause I do crazy better than informational) Check out her posts at


Anonymous said...

*The Count of Monte Cristo. Best quote from the movie. (Read the book sometime, people, if you haven't. It's even better.) :)

Cassie said...

I love that you put Boston in the state list...It took me a couple of minutes to think about where it really was, to make sure it really wasn't a state.

I'm so jealous of all your travels, Looks like tons of fun!

Cassie said...

That was a mean trick putting Boston in the state list, I took awhile to figure out if it was as state, and which one it really belongs in... geography is not my strong suit.

All that traveling looks like sooo much fun! Just wish I could get in on the action.

Sarah said...

Count of Monte Cristo! LOVE that movie :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

Oh my word! I didn't even realize I put Boston as a state! This is fourth grade all over again!

G Sauce said...

Wait a second - I though we were going to be tied after this trip. It looks like I am 2 states ahead of you.

Lacee said...

If you want to cross off Wisconsin this summer, you'd have a free place to stay. :)

And as for the Dakotas, well, I don't know much about North Dakota, but I would have to say Mt. Rushmore is worth a flight. It's breathtaking. :)

Jessica Donbrosky said...

G- I was saddened too. I think I had Wisconsin on there - but I don't believe that I've ever been there. So Lacee - we'll see. I wonder how long the drive is...


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