Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well, I love baseball!*

Boston will get two post because Boston was actually split up into two days.  I'm not sure why we decided to dedicate so much time to Boston - but I didn't complain.  As you may recall, I love Boston!

We arrived in Boston on Sunday morning, going straight to Fenway Park.

I had wanted to go to Fenway the first time I went to Boston, but it was freezing cold in November.  The weather was beautiful this time and we paid our dues to take a tour of the stadium.

 Before I was brave enough to take a picture with the baseball golf cart, I quietly egged on some other guy to take a picture with it - cause basically, if he got in and took a picture and security didn't come over - then I knew I was okay to hop in.

Mickey has seen better days.
 We had the opportunity to sit on the Green Monster.  These are coveted baseball stadium seats (for all baseball fans apparently).  I can see why, it was the perfect place to be sitting to really enjoy a game.  We did not however, watch the game from these seats (or any seats).  To get seats, you submit your name in a drawing way back in January or something and then if you are lucky enough to get chosen, you have the option to buy up to four seats for over $100 a pop.  Maybe one day - but it's not that important to me.
Kami and I from the Green Monster

G, Kami and I when a nice stranger offered to take our photo.

From there, we went to the Boston Temple.

This may seem like a cheesy senior photo...that's okay.  It's just how I sit on granite walls.

Kami and I followed the trail along the side of the Temple and it led down to a parking lot that led to a really pretty meeting house (could have been the greenery or it could have been that it was different - all meeting houses tend to look the same).  It was a Sunday so people were in there and Kami and I had to go to the bathroom.  We were in casual clothes so we felt really weird about it - but nature won out so we entered.  They were switching classes so there were lots of people in the hallway.  I approached an older woman and asked where the restroom was and she directed us - someone who had overheard our conversation was walking behind us when we passed the restroom and he got our attention and showed us where they were.  It was a small bathroom with two stalls and one was taken so I let Kami go first.  Then the other stall "opened up", the lady was struggling to get out and it kind of made me smile, then she said she'd have to cut back on chocolate.  The stall was difficult to get in to and I told her that I think anyone would have a problem getting out of that stall and she thanked me.  She was kind of quirky and really nice.  I got the overall impression that they were really friendly (duh, they're Latter Day Saints...but still, you never know).  It was overall, the best bathroom break experience on the trip.

And then to John F. Kennedy Museum (pardon the quality, no flash photography was allowed).

Photo bombing...again! :)

Then we went to find some place to eat.  I don't know about G and Kami, but I get cranky when I'm hungry so let this be a public apology to G and Kami if I was snappy - I don't know if I really was, but I feel as though I may have been.

We drove towards the habor to find a place to eat and then walked around trying to find something.  We found a resturant that was actually off to the side and kind of hidden.  It looks as though the bar tender was the only one working at that time (and when her coworker showed up she just sat on a stool and talked the whole time).  It was good though - as I recall, I really enjoyed the fries.
Kami did not enjoy her pizza...

Then we went to our hotel. G had had a long day/drive so she took a nap, and Kami took a nap, and I...I don't do naps.  Even when I'm tired, I'll lay there and try but it just won't happen.  So - true to form - it just didn't happen for me.  Kami woke up and wanted ice-cream and since she actually doesn't like ice-cream and I love it, I was all for this.  We started to Google ice-cream places in and around Boston.  We looked for places with parking and outside of the city because it would be crazy.  We found a place with good ratings, affordable, and said it had parking and then we talked G in to taking us there.  It took forever to find a parking spot and then we followed the Google Maps application to find this place and then...we didn't find it.  We apparently passed it, but we hadn't seen anything!  We soon learned that it was just south of downtown Boston, not in, that was a loss.

We wandered Boston and stopped in to ask people if they knew where we could get ice-cream but it was almost as every place was closing.  We finally went to a 7-11 and I got a slurpee...the poor man's ice cream cone (usually I would love a slurpee, but when you are craving an ice-cream cone...)

We finally went back to the hotel and called it a night. Day one exhausted and finished.

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