Thursday, May 17, 2012

To live would be an awfully big adventure.*

This past Saturday I went and hiked Old Rag...again. I think this makes 4 or 5 times.  We started out with seven of us - but then we kind of split up into groups (I've noticed this happen pretty much on every hike I've been on.

The group at the very beginning-minus Chris taking the picture

Plus Chris-minus some to the left

Four of us met up at the first little rest area.  We snacked a little, drank some water and got right back to it.

The longest line ever! I've done this hike several times and have never seen it this long.  People have to climb between two big rocks and it's a little hard for shorter people.

Chris and Brady opted not to wait for the line and started finding other ways around
All he had to do was squish himself between two rocks, cut his leg, and keep trying.

Views from the top
I love this hike...but I might be getting too old for this stuff.  I was pretty sore after this time.  But - I wouldn't say "no" to going again.


J, K, and L said...

Dude. I haven't done Old Rag in soooo long. Great pictures. VA is so beautiful. I keep forgetting just how much. :)

P.S. You are beautiful, too! Hope you are well.

Sarah said...

Peter Pan /Finding Neverland
That looks like a BEAUTIFUL hike! And pictures never do it justice.

Anonymous said...

From both Peter Pan (2003) AND Hook!
-Nobody :)


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