Thursday, May 16, 2013

No one makes me bleed my own blood.*

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Busy, busy, busy.

I guess there are worse things than being incredibly busy.  I am happy to report that my life is really good right now.  I finally feel like myself again and I can't even tell you how long it's been since I have felt this way.  I can only tell you that I noticed I hadn't been myself when I came to again.  It's really kind of an incredible story that will get its own post.

This weekend, I went to a party at Ashley's house.  She had made cards with flags from countries and we had to speak in that accent and then find the other person with the same accent.  Renee handed the flags out and she gave me an easy one (America!) and on the back it said, "Southern".  It's amazing how quickly I can't do an accent when suddenly I need to.  I had to get people to not look at me and then I could do it.  Cam was actually the other person with the accent (Ashley tipped me off).  So I went up to him and kept asking him to talk in his accent, I spoke to him in Southern and he said, in his very non-Southern accent, that he liked something southern (I can't remember for the life of me).  There was even a bonfire and smores (my favorite - of course, it's just a marshmallow and graham cracker for me). 

Then we went and painted nails for "girls night".  Here's the interesting thing about girls night - Nickapedia wanted to pain his toenails, so we watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog while we painted toenails.  Christian tried to blame me for bringing that in to the house - but I wouldn't dream of it! It was Nickapedia's idea and so I just let the dream happen.

Saturday we had our Regional Activity in Charlottesville.  It was small, but fun.  There was broom hockey and injuries.  It was great.  The brooms were pretty cheap and everyone broke a few before the game was over, which actually ended in bloodshed.  Spencer cut his arm on one of the broken broom handles and that's pretty much when everyone quit.

When I got back to Richmond, I got ready for the Glow Run 5K.

They had free face painting from 6-8 so we went for that.  Only to stand in line from about 6:20-8.  They were not very well prepared. 

We were the next in line when they just started holding out paint and letting people dip their fingers in and take some.  So we grabbed some and went to the start lin...where we were then told to wait ten minutes to start.  Half an hour later, the race started.  Two thousand people all started running at once.

In my vast race running experience - I give this race a 2 out of 10.  It is officially the lowest ranked race ever (of course, I haven't even rated any of the others).  We had been standing for two hours before the race began, it was hot and muggy, and then....then the course was all hills, pavement, and gravel.  My ankle is still hurting from the gravel (don't worry, I walked most of the gravel portion).  Throw in there that we were also having to weave in and out of walkers and at one point, a couple STOPPED right in front of me to take a picture.  I nearly tripped on them.  I almost feel like Black Friday shopping would have been easier.

But - they gave us pretty cool medals at the end - I mean, they are weighty, hit someone over the head in self defense weighty.  THAT'S why they got the two stars. glows in the dark.


AuntKatween said...

dodgeball. Ben stiller:)

Isaac said...

If you can dodge a wrench...

G Sauce said...

Didn't you know that the race is really a training exercise for black friday shoppers?


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