Friday, May 10, 2013

I've got to meet this freaking bird!*

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Wednesday night I killed an opossum.  I have a relatively small list of horrifying/scary/emotional moments in my life, and I think running over a living thing with your car and knowing that you very likely just ended it's life, makes that list. 

I was driving home from the boys' house, merging from 64 East to 95 North when something came running across the interstate.  I can't say that I have the fastest reaction time and that may have been the first folly in this story.  In my head I thought, "please run faster!" because suddenly I couldn't think what I should do and then there was that horrific moment when I struck him.  I'm not a crier really, but I almost cried here.  I just kept thinking how I had just killed something bigger than an insect and I've never done that before.  Then there was a strange noise coming from my car, I thought maybe I had a flat tire and in my head one side of my car seemed to be lowering.  So I pulled off the interstate only to realize that this was a neighborhood I refused to stop in.  So I stayed on the back roads and drove slowly until I reached a place I felt safe (WaWa).  I checked my tires, but they were all just fine (except that they were accomplices to murder).  I got back in the car, knowing my tires were ok, and kept driving, but there was that noise again. 

I kept fearing that it was the opossum, hanging on to the bottom of my car and scrapping against the pavement as I drove, so I drove slower so as not to harm him anymore.  Then, when I got home I kept imagining a little opossum paw reaching out and grabbing my ankle, saying in a raspy, labored voice, "You won't get away with this!"

It frightened me (did I mention this was around 11:30 at night?)

So I jump out of my car and head in to the house.  This morning when I left the house I noticed that the under carriage cover for my car was hanging down.  Then I felt like I should have known that sound last night as my old car had a problem with this and it was always scraping against the ground.

  I mean, I'm grateful it wasn't the opossum's body, but I'm still super sad that the whole event occurred.  I may have to go to some grief counseling for this one.

P.S. Many thanks to Punkin for coming over last night and fixing it so I can at least drive.


Lacee said...

I had the same thing happen to my car after I ran over a deer (I didn't initially hit it, it was already dead). It was dark and I didn't see it until it was too late. It was the biggest speed bump of my life- I'm lucky that's the only damage that came from it!

Sarah said...

The House Bunny! Love that movie. I think I know what I'm watching tonight :) I always feel so bad when I run stuff over, even if it's already dead. ewe.

AuntKatween said...

House Bunny?!?!? I was just quoting this movie saturday ha


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