Monday, August 19, 2013

I've given up sugar, it was a crutch*

Captain Crunch is far too sweet.  I honestly never saw that one coming.

I am still doing the sugar only on Sundays thing. I've almost let myself eat some sugar if it's late enough on Saturday, but both times I chickened out and waited until Sunday.  It's been an interesting experiencing.  Last night, I couldn't finish a bowl of ice cream cause it was too sweet.  And...I've lost four pounds so yay.

My weekend was pretty good.  Friday night we had Chris' farewell dinner.  We went to Plaza Azteca, which I know made Christian pretty happy.  Then we hung out around the house.  We ended up reading some of the writings of Brother Ben - the first one being in Spanish so it wasn't too interesting for me.  I'm pretty sure I zoned out because I didn't know what was going on anyway.  But then there were some in English.  Ben was letting us read them because he wants to read some of my stuff.  He said I could critique his stuff but keep my thoughts to myself.  I thought that was pretty funny.  So - now I owe him some of my stuff.  I said 'goodbye' to Chris and made sure not to cry in front of him but I sure did in the car.  I'll miss him, he's a good friend (even though I didn't much like him when he first came here), I'll never forget how he (and all my boys) helped me through a tough time in my life.

Saturday was beautiful.  The last couple of days have been beautiful, it's felt like fall and though I know it can't last, I hope it does.  I love fall.  The weather lately makes me want to go in the attic and get out the Halloween decorations.  To enjoy the weather, Matt and I went to the park.  He had never been to Pump House park so that's where we went.

I like this park, it's small and most people don't know it exists.  But on Saturday there were plenty of people there, I'd say at least 10.  The buildings are beautiful, I wish we could go inside but I'm pretty sure I'd be creeped out anyway.

Lots of dogs too.  This little guy kept joining us while we sat on a bench.

 I named him Fizzgig, because if you have ever seen The Dark Crystal (and if you haven't then Netflix that baby) you would see the resemblance.
Do you see it??
This leaf certainly helped with the "It's Autumn!" feeling
 Sunday was meetings and church and family time as usual.  As always, I am reminded of what amazing friends I have.  Caitlin and AshG are so great at comforting me without me having to say I need comforting and AshB sent me this incredible e-mail saying things about me she is grateful for.

This weekend was perfect for me.  Last week had a lot of stressers (with tender mercies sprinkled throughout of course) and this weekend was just what I needed to recover and start a new week.  I went to bed super early (for me) last night and I had some really good sleep, I woke up at 6 am (like I have wanted to for years) and have already gotten a lot done today.  I am determined that no matter what stress comes my way this week, I will handle it better than I did last week. 

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