Saturday, April 5, 2014

We gotta go down to the religious supply store. We gotta get a couple of gallons of holy water.*

I never posted about the bridal showers.  My work bridal shower got bumped back because of the first "snow storm" we had.  So my family one came first.

In case you see a couple that seems like maybe it doesn't belong - Chewy picked that one.

Pulling a Ben (my brother-in-law....and Chewy's brother)

There aren't many pictures from my work one because the boss forbade it.  Leigh sneaked (I know - I feel like it should be snuck - but I think it's sneaked - any English majors want to help me out?) in a few though.

Apparently wearing the ribbons is a thing - I am always happy to look the fool if it pleases the crowd.

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