Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your dream stinks. I was talking to her.*

I realized earlier this year that I didn't go to the dentist in 2013.  I've gone longer without going to the dentist but that was intentional.  Now that I pay for the dental insurance I try to get my two free cleanings in - otherwise, why pay for insurance? It really doesn't cover much beyond the cleanings.

Luckily, the dentist realized this about the same time I did and the stars aligned and landed me in the dentist chair yesterday.  I realized Monday night as I lay awake in bed worrying about my visit, that the dentist is the only doctor I get anxious about going to see.  Well - given last year's eye exam, the eye doctor might go on the list.  But mostly, with other doctors I just get annoyed with the wait in the waiting room (oddly enough, there's never a wait at the dentist office). 

I always wait for the bad news, "Jessica, it looks like you have 17 cavities and will need a root canal." So we are pleasantly talking, he's been my dentist since I was 12 so he was talking to me about where my life is right now, just married, new calling at church (I'll have to write about that), new position at work, etc.  In between his scraping and my trying not to gleek (see Urban dictionary #2. gleek) we conversed (or as the teens I used to train at Ukrops said, "conversated" that's a thing), but then I would almost hold my breath each time he took a look into my mouth again.  "Everything looks good" he said, and then the assistant brought the xray they took.  I DID hold my breath then, but he never said anything about the x-ray.  I guess it's important to point out here that some people(ahem - me) are more decay prone than others.  It's probably why if I don't go to the dentist every six months I lose a tooth and Chewy can go three years and be just fine. 

Then the hygienist came in to do the cleaning.  My BIL called his old hygienist "The Flosser".  So I thought of that when she wheeled her chair up.  Then I had to stop from laughing as I thought of this:

Thank you Pinterest - if you gave me nothing else you gave me this.  The cleaning actually wasn't bad - yes, there was blood, but it was quicker than I remember.  I just spent the rest of the day worrying about dried blood in my teeth and the fact that everytime my tongue hit my teeth they felt loose.  But that's normal....right?


Isaac said...

I've been asleep at the wheel for too long. This is Tangled, which I just happened to be watching the other day. "I'm too afraid to ask about the frog."

Isaac said...

Oh, and congratulations on the wedding! Married life is awesome.

Ashley Burton said...


p.s. I love the picture at the top of your blog.

Lacee said...

Lol...funny you should post this now. I just flossed and the sink looked like a crime scene! I need to be better about flossing.

Sarah said...

Tangled! I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes Disney movies as an adult :)


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